Are Motorcycle Helmet Visors Universal? Know Everything

As you all know, the helmet is a very important part of motorcycle riding but there are some components of the helmet which are mandatory to be in good condition. one of these parts of the helmet is its visor.

It is very much essential as it keeps you safe from dirt wind rain, dust, debris, wind, and insects. while explaining visors, one fundamental question rises.

Are motorcycle helmet visors universal or universally applicable? To answer this question in a much better way, we are going to have a deeper look into the helmet visor.


Types of Helmet Visors

Types of Helmet Visors

The helmet visor comes in various types. let’s have a look at them.

Clear visor

The visor we normally get with the helmet. It is the most common type of visor. It is completely transparent and gives you maximum light as well as visibility.

Tinted visor

If you become irritated from the bright light especially if you are traveling at the night then the dark tinted visor could be greatly useful for you. It will reduce the impact of the brightness of the helmet.

Smoked visor

If you want to have more protection and a cool look then you must have a smoked visor. It comes in black color and is translucent in nature.

Photochromic visor

It doesn’t come with the motorcycle helmet. It is technically the most advanced visor and gradually becomes darker under the influence of light. This helmet is also a little bit expensive.

Mirrored Visor

These mirrors have a mirror-like surface that reflects light. Only a small portion of the light is allowed to pass through the visor. This makes it perfect for rainy as well as foggy conditions. But it does not perform very well after sunset.

Are Motorcycle Helmet Visors Universal?

Are Motorcycle Helmet Visors Universal

In simple words, I would not agree with this statement as you must always have clear visors which are especially suitable for you as well as your helmet. The visor also varies from one brand to another.

Thus, it is better to have a deeper look at your helmet and then buy the visor for it. There are various kinds of visors available in the market but you must only get the one which is most suitable for you.

There are also some other questions that arise about the best helmet visor along with this question. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Do You Really Need a Visor on the Helmet?

If you like to wear sunglasses while riding a motorcycle or if you like to wear an open-face helmet for the proper flow of air, then you don’t have to have a helmet with a visor. But if you have to ride for a longer period of time, especially in the nighttime, then you must have a visor attached to your helmet or a helmet with a built-in visor.

Are Black Helmet Visors Illegal?

There are certain factors that you need to consider while checking the legality or illegality of riding. It depends on your time and place of driving as well as the weather condition.

If you are riding on a foggy night along with a dark tinted visor, then you might be charged with section 18 of the road traffic act 1988. In this case, you might be banned or fined for this. you must always have a clear visor helmet when you are riding at night.

Do All Helmet Visors Fit Good?

No, it is not true. one helmet visor does not show compatibility with all the other helmets. All the brands have various types of helmets having different shapes as well as sizes. Mostly, helmets don’t come with stock or custom-type visors.

Can We Change the Visor on the Motorcycle Helmet?

Yes, it is quite easy to change or replace the motorcycle helmet visor. Most of the helmets are designed in such a way that you can easily change or replace them with other options.

Sometimes you need to have a variety of helmet visors having different colors and other properties. These could also be the reason for the change or replacement of the visor.

What is the Difference Between the Adults’ and Kids’ Helmet Visors?

The main difference between the adult and kids’ helmet visors is the shape of the visor. Mostly kid’s helmet doesn’t come with a visor. There are some other properties that are prominent in the kid’s helmet.

Can We Tint Our Own Helmet Visor?

Yes, it is quite easy to do it. You can even do it at your home. It is also not illegal. It is very simple but just uses very few tools. At home, it might be cheap but if you don’t apply the procedure correctly then there might be some problems like it might make your visor more distorted and prevent your overall capability to have a clear view in front of you.

Do Visors Provide Good Protection Against the Sun?

Do Visors Provide Good Protection Against the Sun

Yes, the visors are superb against the sun. Many high-quality visors don’t allow UV lights to pass through the visor. There are some visors that even show great protection against the bright light, especially at night time. Thus, overall, I would say the visors are great for sun protection.

Do All the Helmet Visors Show Protection Against UV Light?

No, all the helmet visors are not designed for this. There are some special helmets that are designed for this purpose. But not all helmets are good in terms of protection against UV light. Normal visors don’t protect your skin and eyes from the UV light of the sun. There are some special UV-resistant helmet visors available on the market. These helmet visors might be a little bit expensive as compared to normal visors available on the market.


Here we have provided you with depth analysis of the clear visors. We have made our point clear that there is no universal visor for all helmets. You need to have different kinds of visors for various helmets.

Other than this, we have also tried our best to let you know everything about the best helmet visor. There were different questions that were addressed regarding the helmet visor.

After going through this article, all the points regarding the helmet visor will be clear in your mind. You will be damn sure about what to do with the helmet visor and what kind of helmet visor you need to buy.

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