9 Best Convertible MTB Helmet For Enduro And Trail Riding Reviews 2021

best convertible mtb helmet-enduro mountain bike helmetTo find the most updated and best convertible MTB helmets we did research over several models in the market. We observed that new coming MTB helmets with removable chin bar are more upgraded than the earlier editions. Latest helmets are making use of quality material with improved construction techniques. We assessed these convertible helmets after considering their weight, comfort, ventilation, protection, and convertibility.

Convertible helmets are becoming popular among riders because of their versatility on the trail. In simple words, you get two great helmets for the price of one. These convertible helmets are also perfectly suitable for enduro racing and trail riding. A rider needs full-face protection for enduro racing and improved ventilation while climbing uphill. Not all convertible helmets are certified for downhill riding. So, read specifications carefully before purchasing any helmet.

Two things in one design need some compromises!

Extra structural elements to remove and reinstall the chin bar make these helmets a little heavier than the full-face helmet. Moreover, after removing you have to carry chin bar somehow.


Before purchasing any helmet you need to confirm your head circumference. Most common helmet sizes available in the market are:

  •      Large:23.25″–24.75″
  •      Medium:21.75″–23.25″
  •      Small:20″–21.75″

Our Top Picks

Here are our top picks that are reliable and have the highest rating among others, if you are in a hurry consider these two amazing products.

Overall Best

Bell Super Air R MIPS MTB helmet

Bell Super Air R MIPS

Best Quality

Giro Switchblade MIPS

Giro Switchblade MIPS

Best convertible mtb helmets – Comparison

Convertible mountain bike helmet Reviews

Below listed helmets are provided with their genuine information. Moreover, we have tested each helmet before describing its pros and cons. So, it becomes very easy to choose the right helmet according to your requirements.

1. Bell Super 3R MIPS convertible MTB Helmet Review

Bestbest Convertible MTB Helmet

  • Available size: Small, medium, and large
  • Suitable for: Enduro & trail riding
  • Weight: 1.72 pound
  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • Adjustable sun visor
  • Dual flow Ventilation: 23 helmet vent & 4 brow ports
  • EPS Inner foam core
  • MIPS equipped
  • X-static inner pad lining
  • Tri-glides chin strap with clip buckle
  • Float fit retention system
  • CPSC, CE, and EN1078 Certified
  • 3 buckles connection of chin bar
Overview Of Main Features

Our team recommended this best convertible mountain bike helmet for riders who want a lot of ventilation in both open face and full face modes. During the trial, I found the removal of the chin bar through 3 visible clamps is relatively easy. But there is a need to take off this helmet to reinstall its chin bar. There are two clamps on each side near the ears and one on the rear side of the helmet.

In open face mode, this helmet is very lightweight (0.99 lb) and comfortable. After detaching the chin-bar, the non-twist-able chin strap is still part of the helmet. Moreover, I did not feel any listening problem with this helmet on my head. In open face mode, this helmet is the best for trail riding. But there is a need for a backpack to carry the chin bar after detaching.

Its chin bar with cheek pads not only offers a snug fit but also makes this helmet less bulky on a rough trail. Its inner pads are easy to remove for washing purposes. Moreover, its XT2 padding has woven in silver fiber which has anti-microbial properties to keep this helmet free from sweat smell. After evaluation, our safety experts also approved it as the best enduro MTB helmet in full-face mode.

Its Float fit retention system helps me to do the fitting adjustment with micrometer sensitivity. For my intermediate oval shape head, this helmet sits perfectly and there is no pressure point and undue movement.

During testing, I moved its sun visor up and down with one hand. This easily adjustable visor helped me to keep sunlight out of my eyes. Moreover, there is enough space to park the goggles underneath the visor after moving it to a high position. This adjustable visor is also removable by using a screwdriver. Furthermore, this helmet comes with a “breakaway camera mount.

Its EPS inner core is covered by a hard polycarbonate shell to create a sturdier helmet. This helmet gives excellent coverage to the rear side of my head. Moreover, Its slip-plane MIPS technology adds more protection against the impact of rotational forces. Our head of testing team ensured that this helmet can save the rider’s head in case of an accident.

  • Air channels matrix to enhance air circulation
  • Budget helmet as compare to other bell convertible helmets.
  • Seamless fitting adjustment.
  • Adjustable visor can accommodate goggles & sunglasses.
  • Fit to size and comfortable helmet.
  • Breakaway camera mount.
  • Excellent head coverage.
  • MIPS helmet with excellent protection.
  • Best trail MTB helmet.
  • Anti-microbial inner pads.
  • Plastic storage bag in accessories.
  • Need a backpack to carry chin bar after detaching.
  • Have to take-off helmet before convertibility.
  • Not certified for downhill riding.

2. Bell Super Air R MIPS Convertible MTB Helmet Review

Bell Super Air R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

  • Available size: Small, medium, and large
  • Suitable for: Trail & Enduro riding
  • Weight: 1.41 pound
  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • Adjustable sun visor
  • Dual-density EPS Inner foam core
  • Updated MIPS progressive layering
  • X-static inner pad lining
  • 18 large helmet vent, 4 brow ports & 8 chin bar vents
  • Non-twistable strap with clip buckle
  • Float fit retention system
  • CPSC, CE, and EN1078 Certified
  • Chin bar with 2 buckle connection
Overview Of Main Features

In simple words, Bell super air R is the updated version of bell super 3R. This latest model resolves all the issues of Bell super 3R but its high-end features cost some additional price. During the examination, I found its chin bar removal or re-installation mechanism is more convenient than super 3R. In this latest model, the chin-bar back buckle is eliminated. So, everyone can remove or reinstall its chin bar without taking off this helmet.

Moreover, this helmet weight is 144 grams less than bell 3R. Bell Super Air R has a lot of vent openings. There are 18 vent openings integrated with 5 full-length front-to-back channels on the top of the head. I found this helmet ventilation system very effective. Its 4 over-brow vents are also integrated with air-channel matrix in EPS foam to maximize cool air circulation over rider head.

One of the most notable improvements that Bell made in this model is spherical MIPS technology. In spherical MIPS technology, there is an inner EPS core that sits firmly against your head and the sliding plane is now hidden between EPS core and outer shells. All these results in enhanced protection & comfort level of this helmet.

There are 3 soft detentes as you raise or lower the sun visor. During the trial, I face no problem in goggles storing underneath the visor after moving it to a high position. As compare to 3R, its X-static inner pads also have sweat guide channels to drip sweat away from your brow. This feature is very helpful to keep your eyes sweat-free in a hot humid environment.

The protection level of this best mountain bike helmet is enhanced by adding dual-density EPS foam. Dual-density core gives excellent protection for high and low-speed impact. Our testing and safety experts recommended it as best enduro mountain bike helmet.

Last but not least, there are two replacement cheeks pads and a removable Go-Pro mount in accessories.

  • Most advance flex spherical MIPS helmet.
  • Effective air flow ventilation.
  • Best convertible helmet in lightweight.
  • Goggles and sunglasses accommodate.
  • Come in 8 different graphic design.
  • Sweat guide padding.
  • Integrated breakaway camera mount.
  • Best trail helmet MTB.
  • Convenient to switch between modes.
  • Visor with 3 adjustment positions.
  • Extra cheek pads in accessories.
  • Versatile helmet for multiple uses.
  • Expensive helmet but it’s quality worth it.
  • No backpack to carry chin bar after removal.

3. Bell Super DH MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

Bell Super DH MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet

  • Available size: Small, medium, and large
  • Suitable for: BMX racing, Downhill riding, Enduro cycling.
  • Weight: 1.87 pound
  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • Adjustable sun visor
  • Dual-density EPS Inner foam core
  • Flex spherical MIPS helmet
  • 19 helmet vent, 2 brow ports & 4 chin bar vents
  • Tri glides strap with magnetic FIDLOCK buckle
  • Float fit retention system
  • CPSC, CE and ASTM 1952-DH Certified
  • Chin bar with 3 buckle connection
Overview Of Main Features

This is the only BELL convertible helmet that is certified for downhill riding or BMX racing. BELL super Air R and 3R are the best trail MTB helmets but not certified for downhill cycling. However, high-end protective features make this helmet expensive and heavier than other BELL convertible helmets. Our experts recommended it as the safest convertible helmet for downhill riding.

Moreover, its chin straps are easy to buckle with magnetic FIDLOCK. This magnetic buckle is easy to manipulate with one hand. Its mechanical engagement keeps it securely locked.

During the evaluation, I removed its chin bar through 3 visible clamps without much effort. But I have to take off this helmet to reinstall the chin bar. There are two clamps on each side near the ears and one in the backside of the helmet. 

It’s variable density EPS foam can better manage energy transfer to rider brain from different speed impacts. Moreover, its flex-spherical MIPS technology can properly address rotational impact. This helmet has won rider confidence by saving many people lives who met some serious accidents.

Its X-static pads are designed in such a way that they can channel the absorbed sweat to drips away from your brow. These X-static pads are also washable. The pads are attached to the helmet interior with double side tape. I feel this helmet a little bit tight against my face but it’s not up to an uncomfortable level.

Its float-fit race system is featured with a rubber over-molded dial that is suspended off the back of rider head. This dial allows me to do the fitting adjustment with micrometer sensitivity. My head shape is intermediate oval and has a circumference of 23″. So, I try large size that sits on my head comfortably and there is no pressure point.

Its ventilation system has 2 brow ports and 19 helmet vents that allow cool air to intake and push hot air out. But I did not find its ventilation as effective as Bell super Air R. Overall it is the best helmet for enduro and trail riding.

Moreover, its adjustable visor can accommodates both goggles and glasses. You can also remove visor from the helmet when you want. Its Seamless camera mounts require no zip ties or tape.

  • Downhill certified convertible helmet.
  • Best BMX bike helmet.
  • Come in 9 different graphic design.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Washable and quick dry padding.
  • Comfortable and secure fit.
  • Removable cheek pads for fitting adjustments.
  • Sweat guide inner padding.
  • Breakaway camera mount.
  • Wraparound protection.
  • Expensive.
  • Heavy as compare to other BELL helmet.

4. Giro Switchblade MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

Giro Switchblade MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

  • Color of 2021 model: Matte Portaro gray/red, Matte warm black, Matte black
  • Suitable for: All kind of aggressive off road riding
  • Available size: Small, medium, and large
  • Weight: 2.16 pound
  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • EPS Inner foam core
  • Adjustable sun visor
  • Ventilation: 20 vent openings
  • Roc Loc fit system
  • Smooth chin strap with D ring buckle
  • CPSC, EN-1078, and ASTM 1952-DH Certified
  • Removable chin bar
Overview Of Main Features

Giro switchblade offers the best coverage to my face and head like a full-face helmet. After detaching the chin bar, there is still excellent rear head and ears coverage. Moreover, the Giro switchblade is the most easily convertible helmet in the entire list of our recommendations. But I felt Giro switchblade hotter and heavier than Bell super 3R which is almost the same in price.

To detach the chin bar there are buttons on the left and right side of the chin bar. Attaching and detaching of chin bar becomes simple for me after some practice. I did not feel any need to take off this helmet to reinstall the chin bar. Everyone can do it by just aligning metal lugs and click them in place.

The washable inner pad lining of this helmet is hydrophilic and antimicrobial. These pads can absorb sweat up to 10 times more than its weight without giving any sweat smell. Its Roc Loc adjustment system includes a back knob that help to make a quick adjustment with one hand. Moreover, its MIPS technology lets the helmet slide relative to the skull and adds more protection against the rotational force transfer to the brain.

For my intermediate oval head, I did not experience any pressure point or undue movement due to its rubber-padded cradle. During testing, I moved the visor up and down in 4 steps with one hand. It helped me to keep sunlight out of my eyes in every situation. These 4 steps include three riding positions and a high position to store the goggles above your brow.

It’s Roc Loc Air DH fit system helps in balancing this helmet slightly off the top of the head which allows more air to pass over the head. Moreover, there are 20 vent openings to allow cool air circulation but I found this helmet relatively hotter. However, this helmet does not limit your hearing ability because there are two large vent holes perfectly above your ear. Overall it is the best convertible MTB helmet that offers good head coverage even in open face mode.

Moreover, CPSC, EN-1078, and ASTM 1952 certification proved it the best helmet for enduro cycling, skateboarding, roller skates, and downhill mountain racing.

  • Excellent protection level.
  • Best lightweight helmet in full face mode.
  • Easily adjustable fit system.
  • Great quality of material
  • Helmet safe for downhill riding
  • Easily switchable between the full and half face.
  • Hydrophilic & washable inner pads.
  • 4 step adjustable visor mechanism.
  • Spare visor with camera mount in accessories
  • Excellent coverage both in open & full face modes
  • Little expensive but its quality is worth this price.
  • Hot and heavy as open face helmet.
  • Not comfortable with earbuds

5. Sweet Protection Arbitrator MIPS Helmet

Sweet Protection Arbitrator MIPS Helmet

  • Available Color: Race Blue/Natural Carbon.
  • Suitable for: downhill, endure, & trail
  • Weight: 2.16 pound
  • PREPREG Carbon fiber shell material
  • Visor Type: adjustable sun visor
  • EPS Inner core
  • MIPS equipped
  • 15 helmet vent, 3 brow ports & 3 chin bar vents
  • Turn dial and cheek pads for fitting adjustments
  • Two chin straps one for half & one for full face shell
  • CPSC, SGS EN-1078, and ASTM 1952-DH Certified
  •  Chin bar with latch locks and one clamp buckle
Overview Of Main Features

It is the best convertible MTB helmet without any compromise on safety. . This helmet has an internal structure that is made of Zytel thermoplastic material. This internal frame goes through the whole helmet to make a very strong and rigid shell. Our safety expert mark this helmet best for downhill racing in full-face mode. Its chin guard is made of carbon fiber. Moreover, it comes with a standard MIPS system to add more protection against the rotational force transfer to the brain.

Its chin bar connecting mechanism is pretty secure. There are two stainless steel and one carbon fiber tabs on the chin bar which slot into the internal frame of the Zytel helmet. You just need to pull or push a handle lock to remove or reinstall the chin bar. However, I found the chin bar removal mechanism is convenient but reinstalling mechanism is tricky. Moreover, there is a need to take off this helmet before attaching or detaching its chin bar.

Dual flow ventilation through 3 brow ports and 15 helmet vents allows cool air to intake and push hot air out. Moreover, its STACC vent channels intake air through arteries to cool down your head. Its adjustable visor can also park goggles underneath.

There is an OCCI-grip turn dial to adjust the size. Moreover, this helmet included two sets of chin straps to limit compromise in fit. One strap set for half-face modes and one set for full-face mode. However, putting on this helmet is not as comfortable as wish to be.

Last but not least, there are two sets of Inner pads of different thicknesses to do fitting adjustments according to your face shape.

  • Safest convertible helmet.
  • Excellent air flow through artery channels.
  • Helmet for trail and downhill riding.
  • Most secure chin bar connecting mechanism.
  • Helmet with separate chin straps for full face and half face
  • Different thickness pads in accessories.
  • Anti-microbial inner lining.
  • Best enduro mtb helmet.
  • Heavy 1.21 lb as half face helmet.
  • Removed chin bar is bulkiest to carry.

6. Lazer Helmet Revolution FF MIPS helmet

Lazer Helmet Revolution FF MIPS helmet

  • Weight: 1.64 pound
  • Designed for: Enduro & all-mountain ride
  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • Ventilation: 23 vent openings
  • EPS Inner foam core
  • MIPS equipped
  • 5 point adjustable sun visor
  • Breakaway Go-Pro camera mount
  • Advance turn fit system
  • CPSC, CE, and ASTM 1952-DH Certified
  • Removable chain bar attaches through 6 screws
  • Ear guard protection in the half-face mode
Overview Of Main Features

This is one of the lightest downhill certified helmets with a removable chin bar. In this helmet, you can snap extended ear covers in place after removing the chin guard. As compare to other convertible helmets, there are 6 screws to attach the chin bar with this helmet. But you need a screwdriver or a coin to installing or removing these screws. Moreover, you can adjust 9 different setups by installing or removing helmet parts like chin guard, sun visor, and ear cover.

Another unique thing in design is the helmet back which can hold the goggle strap very well. Moreover, you can park the goggles underneath its adjustable visor easily.

Rubberize dial knob of the advanced fit system is easily accessible. During the trial, this helmet offers deep coverage to my head in both half face and full face modes. Furthermore, its 23 vents opening that keep my head cool in hot weather conditions. This Lazer revolution helmet promises rider safety for enduro riding in full-face mode. When it comes to trail helmets without chin bar I find this helmet lightweight 457g and pretty comfortable. Overall it is the best convertible mtb helmet.

  • Optional ear guard for added protection.
  • Downhill certified helmet in full-face mode.
  • Lightweight & well ventilated.
  • X-static padding.
  • Fit overhead pretty well.
  • Excellent head coverage in either mode.
  • Easily removable cheek pads.
  • 9 customize look setups in one helmet.
  • 2 visors in accessories.
  • Best enduro mtb helmet.
  • Accommodate goggle very well in every setup.
  • Need coin or screwdriver to switch mode.
  • Soft screw easy to damage.

7. Lixada Kids convertible Helmet

Lixada Kids convertible Helmet

  • Available Color: Red, Rose red, Blue, & light blue
  • Suitable for: skateboarding, rollerblading, scooter & bicycle riding
  • Weight: 0.97 pound
  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • Built-in sun visor
  • Ventilation: 13 vents & 8 chin bar vents
  • Small size (20”-22”) for 3-15 year kids
  • EPS Inner foam core
  • Washable sponge inner lining
  • Nylon strap with a chin pad & clip buckle
  • Dial knob for fitting adjustment
  • CE Certified
  • One step mechanism for chin bar assembling & disassembling
Overview Of Main Features

This convertible helmet is specially designed for kid sports activities. This helmet has played an important protective role in all child sports activities like a skateboard, roller skating, scooter, electronic board, and mini bike riding, A kid can easily switch between half and full-face mode by pushing both inner side buttons above ears.

This CE-certified helmet offers 4 layer protection to the your child’s head. It’s Strong and hard polycarbonate shell covers the inner EPS foam core to create a sturdier helmet. Its EPS core cover by sponge inner pads feel safe and comfortable on your child head. Moreover, all these layers help to minimize impact pressure and improve the overall safety performance of this helmet. Its chin bar with sponge pads also offers protection and a comfortable fit.

Its dial knob allows your child to do the fitting adjustment with one hand during riding. Moreover, its nylon chin strap with a chin pad and quick-release buckle also helps your kid to wear this helmet comfortably in the correct position.

Last but not least, this best convertible MTB helmet under 100 is designed aerodynamically. A kid can wear this helmet for all day sports activities in summer. Because only 420g weight on your child’s head minimizes his / her neck strain.

  • Best budget convertible helmet with 2 in 1 feature.
  • Lightweight & comfortable.
  • Suitable for all sports activities of kids.
  • Washable inner pads.
  • Great quality for 52$ price.
  • Attractive graphic design for kids.
  • Very convenient for modes switching.
  • For kids best trail helmet mtb.
  •  Not recommended for extreme sports activities.

8. Leatt 3.0 Enduro V21.2 Adult convertible MTB Helmet

Leatt 3.0 Enduro V21.2 Adult MTB Cycling Helmet

  • Available Color: Chilli, & Steel
  • Available size: Large (22.8″-24.8″)
  • Suitable for: Enduro cycling & aggressive trail riding
  • Weight: 1.65 pound
  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate
  • Adjustable sun visor
  • EPS Inner foam core
  • 360º turbine technology for impact protection
  • Anti-odor washable inner pads
  • 18 helmet vent, & 5 chin bar vents
  • Smooth chin strap with magnetic FIDLOCK buckle
  • Rubberize dial knob for fitting adjustments
  • AS/NZS 2063:2008, EN1078, CPSC 1203 Certified
  • Chain bar with 2 buckle connection
Overview Of Main Features

If you are looking for something new other than the famous bell 3R convertible helmet, then this helmet is another solid option for you. This great-looking helmet is a little bit cheaper, lighter, and smaller in the back than the bell super 3r helmet. It is not a downhill certified helmet like bell super DH and Giro switchblade but it can offer the best protection as an enduro bike helmet.

Leatt calls inner blue donuts as turbine, and this 360 turbine technology is similar to MIPS. It can reduce the 40% impact of rotational accelerations. During the evaluation, this helmet offers the best coverage to my head even in half-face mode. Our head of the testing team marks this helmet safe for the rider who pedal to the top of the aggressive trail.

During the trial, I found this helmet ventilation very effective like Bell super 3R helmet. Moreover, I also found chin bar removal or installation mechanism is convenient but I have to taking-off this helmet before switching.

There are extra cheek pads in accessories to do fitting adjustments. Furthermore, this helmet design is goggles friendly. But goggle storing underneath the visor is not very easy because of limited visor movement. Overall, it is the best enduro mountain bike helmet.

  • Lightweight convertible helmet.
  • Beautiful graphic & design.
  • Well ventilated in both modes.
  • One hand & easy fit adjustment.
  • Breakaway visor function for impact reduction.
  • Sweat absorbing pads.
  • Extra cheek pads in accessories.
  • Turbine technology protection.
  • Limited visor movement.
  • Not certified for the downhill ride.

9. DEMON UNITED MTB Helmet with removable chin-bar

Demon United FR Link System Mountain Bike Helmet Fullface with Removable Chin Guard

  • Suitable for: Enduro & trail riding
  • Available size: Medium/Large (22.8”-24.4”)
  • Weight: 1.79 pound
  • Polycarbonate shell material
  • EPS inner foam core
  • Adjustable sun visor
  • 20 big vent openings
  • Additional soft pads to maintain sung fit
  • Rotatory wheel for fitting adjustment
  • Smooth face straps with clip buckle
  • CPSC Certified
  • Flip-easy Removable chain bar
Overview Of Main Features

This most updated cycling helmet is designed by DEMON UNITED to provide a good appearance according to modern fashion. Its easily removable chin bar mechanism makes this helmet very convenient for mode switching. You can detach and plugin the chin bar easily in one step without any tool.

Its aerodynamic design has 20 big vents opening allows cool air to pass directly over your head. After testing at different speeds I rate this helmet as a good ventilated helmet. Moreover, there is also removable cheek pads option to increase airflow around the face. Additional pads of variable thickness also come with this helmet accessory that helps to maintain sung fitting according to rider face shape.

In-mold construction of outer shell with polycarbonate material makes this helmet lightweight. Without a chin bar, it becomes the best trail MTB helmet for the all-day ride in summer.

This helmet fits nicely on my intermediate oval shape head. To tune fit tension around the head there is a cinch-tight dial in the back. During the trial, this helmet sits comfortably on my head without creating any pressure points. 

This helmet can also easily accommodate goggles and sunglasses. There is enough space to place goggles above your brow by moving the visor to an up position.

After examination, our safety experts declare this helmet safe for aggressive trail riding. Overall it is the latest best convertible MTB helmet.

  • Best cheap convertible helmet.
  • Additional pads kit in accessories.
  • Superior protection level.
  • Breathable vent design.
  • Very front large chin bar vent for fresh air.
  • Lightweight convertible helmet.
  • Easy plugin and plug out of Chin bar.
  • Comfortable dial fit system.
  • Unique modern design.
  • Limited size option.
  • Chin bar look flimsy but feel pretty strong after attaching to the helmet.

Final Words

I carefully selected these 9 detachable full face helmets. Every product I have described, have come with some unique features. This article is very beneficial for the readers to select the best convertible mtb helmet according to their taste. Whatever you chose will be the right decision; because all these best-rated helmets are known for their durability & comfort.

If I share my experience, my top pick is Bell Super Air R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet. It best suits my riding style. And I am sure after reading this article; you can find your best convertible mtb helmet.

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