Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet In Nov. 2022 – Top 10 Reviewed

As you know, a cruiser motorcycle is used for smooth traveling at moderate speed to enjoy the journey rather than racing to the destination. And the half-face helmets allow riders to feel the atmosphere around them. So, it becomes the natural selection for the people on the cruiser to wear ½ or ¾ helmets however the full-face helmet is the safest choice. If you are looking for the best cruiser motorcycle helmet, then you have come to the right place.

There are numerous helmet brands and models on market and it is not something that you can purchase correctly through window shopping. Every cruiser rider wants a stylish helmet that can offer protection, comfort, and a wide view area. As a cruiser rider, I like the helmet that allows a good amount of air to blow into my face without any compromise on safety. It’s hard to find? Well, this article will help you to choose the best cruiser motorcycle helmet according to your requirements.

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Daytona ¾ Helmet

Daytona ¾ cruiser Helmet

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TORC T50 cruiser helmet


Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet – Comparison Table

Daytona cruiser
Bell_Bullitt helmet

Best Motorcycle Helmet For Cruisers Reviews

1. Daytona ¾ Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

  • Available sizes: X-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large, XX-large
  • Multiple color & graphic design options
  • Weight: 2.45lb
  • Fiberglass shell material
  • Moisture wicking and breathable foam interior
  • Slim fit low profile helmet
  • Sit well over intermediate oval head shape
  • Helmet with 3 shell size give correspondent fit
  • Nylon chin strap with quick release buckle
  • Removable gloss black bubble visor
  • 3 snap button system
  • Space to accommodate glasses
  • DOT FMVSS No. 218 certified
  • 2 month money back guarantee
Daytona Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

As compare to bell custom 500 this Daytona helmet has luxury and comfortable interior. Daytona can easily accommodate goggles but bell custom 500 doesn’t. Moreover, bell 500 is much bigger in size and feel like a mushroom over my head but Daytona is slimmer and much lower in profile. Last but not least Daytona also has a little strap in back to park sunglass.

One of my friend purchase Daytona last year with more concern to style than safety. Two month ago he was in pretty bad motorcycle accident. He was going at 35mph speed when a guy him off and run away! He was thrown into the next car and impact drove his head into roofline of the car. He did not get any brain damage. Daytona helmet only get scratches and scuffs on it. My friend is totally impressed with this helmet constructed quality and strength. However, it is the best cruiser motorcycle helmet and would not be enough for sports biking.

When I tried this helmet large-size it fits well on my intermediate oval head. It is probably the lowest profile motorcycle helmet among those that I have ever tried. Its breathable interior absorbs sweat efficiently in hot summer but there is no way to evaporate it. Once pads are fully saturated then I have to press foam interior with a finger to drip down sweat.

Daytona 3/4 helmet comes in 3 shell sizes and 6 different thickness interior padding to cover size range from 2XS to 3XL. More shell sizes means every rider get appropriate helmet fitting without being bulky on rider head. For perfect fitting this helmet must sit about 1 inch above your eyebrows.

Its non-twistable smooth strap rests comfortably around my face. Moreover, I found it very easy to fasten chinstrap through decent ratchet style quick release buckle. There is also a helmet bag and removable black visor in the helmet accessories.

Overall it is very decent and comfortable for cruiser rider. I found it super light and can wear it all day with no neck muscle, or shoulder pain.

  • Helmet with Decent and attractive graphic designs
  • Offer good head protection
  • Best budget cruiser motorcycle helmet
  • Lowest profile and slim fit
  • Equally suitable for men and women
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easily accommodate sun glasses
  • Foam interior absorb sweat efficiently
  • Good quality head retention system
  • Removable sun visor in accessories
  • Helmet Can also adopt universal WANCAR shield lens
  • No vent opening to evaporate absorb sweat
  • Difficult to install inner com system
  • No face shield in accessories

2. TORC T50 Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

  • Available sizes: X-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large, XX-large
  • Available color: Gloss black (1978, Baller, Captain, Luminous, Polygonious) Gloss orange, gloss white, Gloss
  • white rebel star.
  • Weight: 2.8lb
  • ABS shell material with chrome trim
  • Moisture wicking ultra-microfiber fabric interior
  • Low in profile on head
  • Suitable for intermediate oval head shape
  • 2 shell size to give appropriate size appearance
  • Chin strap with D-ring fastener
  • 5 snap button system to attach sun visor or bubble shield
  • Space to accommodate glasses
  • No room for speaker in ear pocket
  • Removable and washable cheek pads
  • DOT certified
TORC T50 cruiser motorcycle helmet

TORC T50 is known for his timeless look and graphic designs perfect for those with cruiser motorcycle. As compare to bitwell bonanza, TORC T50 has slim padding and sits low on intermediate oval head shape. However, in bitwell bonanza you can remove all inner pad lining but in TORC T50 you can only remove cheeks pads. It fits very snug and very comfortably. I really like this helmet.

One thing that makes TORC T50 unique from other ¾ helmet is its 8 attractive graphic design with low price tag. Despite of low price this helmet look like as high end product. Its build quality is premium. Its smooth microfiber interior feels nice to my face. Moreover, the interior liner has good moisture wicking properties. When I used it to ride in hot weather condition, I did not feel any flow of sweat drops around my head. However, there are no vent openings to evaporate absorbed sweat quickly.

If we talk about safety, an open face helmet cannot protect the rider jaw and chin like a full face helmet. However, this DOT certified helmet has a solid shell body that can surely protect a cruiser rider head during any accident. Its chin strap with most secure D-ring fastener is also helpful to maintain helmet grip on rider head during any mishap. Furthermore, its good quality chin strap remains flat around my face without putting any odd pressure.
There is a sun visor and cloth bag in this helmet accessory.

I do not feel any need to attach sun visor with this helmet. However, if you need to prevent sun from shining in your eyes then you can attach it through 3 snap buttons. I normally wear sun glasses with this helmet. It looks very cool and just seems to work better for me. If you plan to ride in rainy area then add a full bubble shield or a half shield to make it more rain tight is very helpful.

  • Best cheap cruiser motorcycle helmet
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Attractive graphic designs
  • Washable inner padding
  • Removable cheek pads
  • Smooth chin strap with D-ring fastener
  • Can adopt sun visor or bubble face shield
  • Equally suitable for men, women and children
  • Can isolate ear from wind noise
  • Premium quality product
  • Best cruiser motorcycle helmet.
  • Helmet fit tight on jaw and head
  • True to size only for slender face people
  • No room for communication device

3. Shoei J-Cruise II Motorcycle Helmet

  • Available size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large,& 2X-large
  • Available color: Anthracite, Black, Matte Black, White & Blue Metallic
  • Weight: 3.02 pound
  • Wind tunnel shell design to reduce drag
  • Advance integrated matrix shell material
  • Four outer shell sizes to give appropriate size appearance
  • Multi-pieces EPS liner with different densities
  • UV & screech resistant face shield
  • Tool-free shield release mechanism
  • Lock to stop unexpected shield opening
  • Anti-fog lens adoptable face shield
  • Distortion free, dropdown inner sun visor
  • Adjustable 3 intake vent openings
  • Sena SRL2 Bluetooth headset adoptable
  • Quality chinstrap with micro ratchet fastener
  • Superb Ergonomics inner padding
  • Space to accommodate glasses
  • Multi-layer constructed cheek pads
  • Update interior liner to keep sound away from ears
  • DOT FMVSS No. 218 certified
  • 5-year manufacturing warranty
Shoei J-Cruise II motorcycle helmet

If you are looking for relatively quiet cruiser helmet which can offer excellent protection and ventilation then Shoei J-cruise II is the best one. Its longer face shield improves your field of view while smooth operating dropdown visor add eye coverage against sunlight. As compare to J-cruise I, Shoei did some aerodynamics changes with this J-Cruise II helmet. This J-cruise II model is quieter but more ventilated than J-cruise I. Moreover, J-cruise II design can directly unite with Sena SRL 2 communication system. However, J-cruise II cost 50$ more than J-cruise I.

Mostly cruiser riders think they don’t need extreme protection as Moto GP or Motocross riders. Anyhow, if you are more concern about safety with style then this shoei J-cruise II helmet is best option. Shoei use AIM material to build this helmet shell. This most advance fiber glass composite material gives high penetration resistance. It can excellently dissipate the energy of impact during any crash. Moreover, this fiberglass shell is bounded with multi-density EPS inner foam that can absorb energy efficiently from different speed impacts.

This helmet has 3 big vertical intake vent opening which increase 30 % air flow than J-cruise I. You can open any or all the 3 intake vent openings to better manage air flow. These intake vents are interconnected with a big rear exhaust vent through 4 EPS inner channels. All these strategically placed vents maximize air circulation around rider head even at slow speed. However, at speed greater than 50mph, I closed all intake vents to keep wind noise out of the helmet.

As an open face helmet, I found shoei J-cruise II relatively quieter than other helmet in the market. It is because of aerodynamically designed longer face shield and update interior liner that keep wind noise out of my ears. It outer face shield seal well into the helmet and redirect most of the air to the sides. However, some air flow in through bottom of face shield and cause wind noise but overall J-cruise II is a quite helmet.

Its flip-able outer face shield has three detent positions. Other than full close and open position there is a 4/5 close position which I use for extra air flow at slow speed. This optically correct face shield gives a much wider and taller field of vision. This impact & scratch-resistant outer shield is integrated with a quick-release mechanism so you don’t need any tool to remove or reinstall it. After removing you can also install a pin-lock anti-fog lens into this shield. There is also a stopper lock on left-side to keep face shield securely looked.

Furthermore, there is a slider on the left-side just behind the shield mechanism of the helmet for a drop-down inner sun visor. According to Shoei, this sun visor offers you 99% protection from UV radiation. This QSV-2 sun shield is just perfect for my face neither too short nor too long. This slider switch is easy to find and moveable even with a gloved hand.

Its 3D max dry interior system is made of smooth silky woven fabric which feels very nice to skin area. Helmet all inner padding is easily removable and washable. This Inner pads material also has excellent property to absorb and evaporate sweat drops faster than ordinary fabrics.

This helmet also has a d ring on the chin strap that you can use to lock th5is helmet with your bike.

  • Aerodynamically design shell reduce drag and lift problem
  • Very quiet as open face helmet
  • Improved ventilation system
  • Most secure and strong shell material
  • Scratch resistant face shield
  • Widest and distortion free view area
  • Dropdown sun visor offer 99% UV rays protection
  • Smooth chin strap with 5 adjustment position
  • Perfectly fit to most common head shape intermediate oval
  • Both sena SRL and SRL2 kits adoptable
  • Outstanding and long-lasting outer paint & finish
  • Quick dry-able moisture wicking inner padding
  • Anti-fog lens and quality storage beg in accessories
  • D-ring on chin strap to lock with bike
  • Best cruiser motorcycle helmet.
  • Relative expensive but its range of features worth it
  • A little heavy as open face helmet

4. Bell Custom 500 SE Helmet

  • Available sizes: X-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large, XX-large
  • Available color: Matte black, Matte silver/black, Red, Gloss black/white, Matte gray/black, Gloss white, Gloss black.
  • Weight: 2.8 lb
  • Fiberglass composite shell material (carbon fiber shell also available)
  • Multi-density EPS inner core
  • Non-removable leather interior
  • Cheek pads are removable
  • 5 shell sizes to give appropriate low profile look
  • Suitable for intermediate oval head shape
  • Padded chin strap with D-ring fastener
  • 5 snap button system to attach aftermarket visor or bubble shield
  • Easily accommodate sunglasses
  • No room for speaker or com system
  • Metal ring are useable to lock helmet with motorcycle
  • DOT FMVSS 218 certified
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
Bell Custom 500 best cruiser motorcycle helmet

As compare to biltwell bonanza, Bell custom 500 large size fit nice to my intermediate oval head shape. It is not tight enough but remains in place at high speed. However, biltwell bonanza large size gave me strong pressure point in forehead. When I move up to XL its look like fit but it way too loose and flops around my head. Anyhow, both helmets are well made for the price.

Its shape and style perfectly match to the requirements of a cruiser rider. In this new custom 500, Bell updated few things but big change is thin profile shell that sit lower on your head. Other than latest graphic design and great build quality you get helmet that sit dramatically lower on your head.

Its outer shell is made of highly durable and lightweight fiberglass shell that can give more penetration resistance than steel. Moreover, its fiberglass shell is backed by EPS core that can absorb energy before its transfer to your brain during an impact. The comfort liner inside is nicely designed for classic look. These inner padding are also helpful to customize your head shape but the fabric covering the cheek pads are split-able.

As an open face helmet, I found bell 500 relatively quiet at high speed but I can also hear traffic horn with this helmet on my head. Anyhow, there is no vent opening in this helmet shell and it get a little warm on long shiny day at slow speed. However, at high speed helmet padding become breathable and can maintain a comfortable temperature.

Most custom 500 helmet don’t come with sun visor or bubble face shield in accessories. But there is a range of aftermarket visors and bubble shields available in lot of fancy color. And you can attach sun visor or bubble shield to this helmet through 5 snap button system.

  • Lightweight and comfortable cruiser helmet
  • Multiple graphic design and color option
  • Budget friendly
  • Carbon version also available
  • Chin strap feel nice to skin
  • Eliminate mushroom on head
  • Great quality for the price
  • Multi-density EPS core to better address different speed impact
  • Work well with eye glasses
  • Secure and comfortable fit on intermediate oval head shape
  • Best cruiser motorcycle helmet
  • Inner pad lining is not removable
  • Not suitable for round head shape
  • Cheek pads fabrics are split able
  • No room for Bluetooth communication system

5. Bell Bullitt Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

  • Available size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large,& 2X-large
  • Other color options: Gloss White, Yellow/black, Gray/Black, Dark blue, Gloss Black, & Black/silver
  • Weight: 3.1 pounds
  • Fiber glass composite shell material
  • 3 shell size with their own EPS liner
  • Optically correct face shield with wide view angle
  • 3 point adjustable face shield
  • Flat or bubble style shield to choose from
  • Leather pull tab to hold the shield
  • 5-intake vents cover with metal mesh $ 1 exhaust vent
  • Speaker pocket to adopt Bluetooth headset
  • Padded chinstrap with a double D ring fastener
  • Removable antimicrobial inner padding
  • Perforated suede interior
  • Space to accommodate eyewear
  • Very low in profile on head
  • Best for round oval head shape
  • DOT & ECE R22.05 certified
  • 5-year manufacture guaranty
Bell Bullitt full face black color helmet

If you want a full face cruiser helmet with excellent field of view then bell bullitt is the best option. Bell bullitt is basically designed to improve safety standard while keeping design that match all cruiser motorcycles. It has round low profile shell with glossy finish that give this helmet a great classic look. Its beautifully design vent opening can also keep you from melting in warmer days.

One of the most notable features of this best cruiser motorcycle helmet is its excellent viewing range. Its wide view area feels me like an open face helmet on my head. However, its face shield doesn’t have detents to lock shield at different opening positions. This face shield has a small leather tab at the bottom to open or close it. This leather tab has a magnetic closer that you never seen on any other helmet.

For ventilation, there are four intake vents opening along the forehead and a single vent on the chin area. Forehead vents are always open but the chin vent is closable from behind. All these intake vents are cover with metal mesh which allow smooth passing of air over the top of head. Moreover, these forehead vents are integrated with inner EPS channels that force hot air to escape from rear exhaust vent. I found its chin vent very helpful to prevent shield fogging in winter.

When I tried this helmet at high speed it gets a bit noise. If we consider its retro design then noise level is not bad. However, if you are more concern in noise isolation then Shoei Neotec II is the best option.

This helmet outer shell is constructed by fiber glass composite material which has high strength to weight ratio. It fiber glass yarn is twice as strong as steel wire. However, this helmet is also comes in carbon fiber construction shell which is stronger and lightweight than fiber glass. I found this low profile composite shell very comfortable on my round oval head shape.

For helmet interior, there is genuine leather padding that not only gives premium retro look but also feel nice to touch. These leather pad lining has antimicrobial properties and attach to the helmet interior with double side tape. So, you can easily remove them for washing purposes.  There is also a leather padded chin strap with D-ring closure for secure fit.

You can also read our guide for full face helmets for harley riders if you like full face helmets for cruising on harley bikes.

  • Fit awesome, look awesome
  • Lightweight, comfortable and stylish
  • Great built quality
  • Wide view angle
  • Washable inner padding
  • Good ventilation
  • Helmet can adopt two style face shield flat or bubble
  • Face shield with magnetic closure button
  • Speaker pocket to install Bluetooth headset system
  • Best cruiser motorcycle helmet
  • Not a very quiet helmet
  • Face shield is not pin-lock ready but anti-fog treated

6. TORC T1 Cruiser Full Face Helmet

  • Available size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large,& 2X-large
  • Available in different finishes & colorways
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Fiber glass tri-composite shell material
  • 2 shell size with different thickness padding to cover size range
  • Multi-density EPS liner
  • Optically clear shield with wide view angle
  • Scratch resistant shield has anti-fog coating
  • A lever to securely lock or unlock the face shield
  • Easily changeable shield with tinted one
  • 4 adjustable intake vents & 4 always open exhaust vents
  • Cut-out for Bluetooth speakers
  • Padded chinstrap with a double D ring fast
  • Removable and washable suede interior
  • Laser cut cheek pads
  • Space to accommodate eyewear
  • Best for intermediate oval head shape
  • DOT & ECE R22.05 certified
  • 5-year manufacture guaranty
TORC T1 best cruiser full face helmet

To compare Bell Bullitt with TORC T1, I bought both helmet large sizes. The bell offer 3 shell sizes to cover the size range from XS to XXL but TORC T1 comes in 2 shell sizes only. For large size, bell helmet shell is significantly smaller than TORC T1. TORC shell use greater amount of padding to make it fit on my head. This is the main reason behind low price of TORC T1 than Bell Bullitt. Anyhow, both helmets have excellent build quality and almost same in appearance.

This budget friendly TORC T1 helmet also has few features like ventilation and shield lock mechanism that are superior to Bell Bullitt. Its 4 adjustable intake vents are very helpful to control the airflow inside the helmet. Control airflow around jaw area is very helpful to keeps your breath from fogging the shield. Moreover, all front and back vents opening are cover with steel mesh which smoothen the air flow. I found this helmet ventilation system pretty dam good.

Like Bell Bullitt, field of view with this helmet is amazing. I can see both sides of roads easily without turning my head. Moreover, its distortion free face shield offer good resistant against fog and scratches. In winter this helmet doesn’t get any fog when you keep open its chin vents. If you need to ride in sunny days then you can also replace it clear shield with tinted one. Unlike bell Bullitt, there is also a lock mechanism that keeps the visor in place even in open position. This feature is very helpful to enjoy the wind on face.

It removable Inner padding is design to provide exceptional fit and comfort. In case of sudden impact, its dual density EPS core plus soft padding can absorb and dissipate impact forces excellently. These pads lining also has hydrophilic and antimicrobial properties which can keep this helmet dry and smell free.

Moreover, it padded chin strap is designed to keep the helmet in place without putting any strain. This padded chin strap comes with most secure D-ring buckle.

When I reached speed of about 40mph, then this helmet started whistle like crazy. Most riders complain about this retro style helmet that it has bad control over wind noise. However, I usually ride with my earplugs to overcome this issue.

In case you are on a budget, we have reviewed budget friendly motorcycle helmets.

  • Excellent field of view
  • Soft and comfortable inner padding
  • Helmet with many beautiful graphic design
  • Fit true to size
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Amazing look at a great price
  • Comfortable
  • Lock mechanism keep visor in place
  • Smell free inner padding.
  • Best cruiser motorcycle helmet.
  • Fairly noisy as compare to other full face helmet
  • Built quality is low as compare to Bell Bullitt

7. VCOROS Open Face Helmet With Sun Visor

  • Available sizes: Medium, Large, X-large, XX-large
  • 12 different colors & graphic design option
  • Weight: 2.4lb
  • ABS shell material
  • High density EPS inner core
  • Moisture wicking fabric interior
  • Removable and washable inner pads
  • Ear protection pads
  • Padded chin strap with quick release buckle
  • Equally suitable for men and women
  • Integrated drop down sun visor (removable)
  • Fix top brim visor (irremovable)
  • Space to accommodate sunglasses
  • DOT FMVSS N218certified
VCOROS cruiser motorcycle open face helmet

This DOT approved open face helmet is designed to offer best head coverage without any discomfort. It ABS shell material plus high density EPS core can stop skull damage in any incident. This best cruiser motorcycle helmet has all unique features that you can expect from any open face cruiser helmet.

Its look and material quality is more stunning than you can guess from picture. The interior with brown leather edging look very nice. In my opinion, it a great looking helmet for 65$ price. You can also pull up and down it sun visor easily. This optically correct sun shield can protect rider eyes from rain, sunlight and bugs.

I found this Lightweight helmet very comfortable to wear for long time period. After 4 hours ride I barely feel neck fatigue with this helmet

Can you use the visor if you ride with glasses?

Yes you can wear glasses under the drop down visor but if they are large glasses the corner might hit the visor occasionally. you can buy clear and shaded visors separately.

  • Lightweight.
  • Washable inner pads.
  • Ear protection pads.
  • Equally compatible for men and women.
  • Moisture wicking fiber.
  • Cheap price.
  • Best cruiser motorcycle helmet.
  • Irremovable top brim visor.

8. ILM Open Face Motorcycle 3/4 Half Helmet For Scooter

  • Size: large.
  • Color: white.
  • Recommended for: both cycling and motorcycling.
  • Adjustable sun shield.
  • Drop down visor.
  • Detachable chin guard.
  • Washable liners.
  • Air control vents.
  • Quick release buckle.
ILM Open Face Motorcycle 3/4 Half Helmet for Scooter

Here we have the one of the most advanced open of half face helmet which comes with multiple features like adjustable sun shield, removable front mask, and the drop down visor. All of these detachable memories have been the top requirements of many of the riders as by availing this facility they can easily wash or replace these things by just detaching these accessories.

With the adjustable sun shield, you can extremely comfortable riding your bike as you can set the position of the shield according to your needs and have much less strain on your eyes as much as possible. You can also utilize the retractable tinted sun visor while having this helmet and keep your eyes safe from strong sun light.

The air ventilation system of the helmet is extremely enjoyable as you can easily detach your chin guard and open the air vents at the back side of the helmet. It would let the air flow from front side to the back side with an easy passage flow of the air. You can easily breath fresh air while riding the bike. moreover, you could also do the opposite by attaching chin guard and closing air vents if you are passing through air pollution areas.

It comes with quick release buckle and strap which makes it quite easy to manage as you can easily to put on or off the helmet whenever you want. With the help of strap, you can also easily the adjust the helmet on your head.

The inner liners normally get wear and tear or become non-pleasant if you are continuously the using the helmet for 1 or 2 years. In this case, you can easily for remove it for maintenance purpose or for the sake of replacement with the new set of inner liners.

It has an easy access to air vents as you can control them by using just one touch of finger.

Personal experience

It is extremely light, comfortable and elegantly designed helmet. I have a very good experience with it as it saved me from severe accident when I was riding my scooter with the speed of 40 mph. the helmet has literally saved my life. Even though the helmet has been completely damaged. By having this experience, I am going order new one for me.

  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable.
  • Easily accessible air vents.
  • Fitness.
  • Elegant design.
  • Worth the price.
  • Breathable.
  • Best helmet for a scooter.
  • Super thin padding.

9. TORC T1 Full-Face-Helmet-Style Motorcycle

  • Size: X-Small
  • Color: Bubblegum Mega Flake
  • Recommended for: Motorcycling
  • Fabric: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 13.25 x 11 x 10.75 inches; 4.3 Pound
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Manufacturer:  TORC
TORC T1 Full-face-Helmet-Style Motorcycle

Here we Have the retro style TORC helmet which has been equipped with all the modern day features. Some features have been added for extra safety like ultra-push interior lines which also gives you exceptional comfort and fitness at the same time.

Extremely high quality fabric has been used in its construction. It has a tri-composite shell which is made of fiberglass. The ventilation system is also quite satisfactory. It has vents at the front chin side having metal mesh and exhaust vent are also available at the same time.

The inner liner quality is also good as these are made of fauz saude. The liner is multi-density EPS liner.

The front shield is also easily removable which you can do it for washing or replacement purpose. The chin strap is completely padded and comes with D-ring enclosure for extra comfort. The shield has extremely high endurance as there would be much less effect of fog or scratch on it.

As far as the safety is concerned, the helmet meets the federal motor vehicle safety standards.


At the end, I would like to make some observations on the basis of my friends experience with it and after analyzing the review of the users. I will tell you both positive and negative points. Overall, it is great helmet but there are some factors which need to identify. The helmet build quality is exceptional as I would say the manufacturer could even sell it for 600 dollars. The field of view is also massive and I am in love with it. The fitness is also great as it could easily fit in your head without any adjustments. This helmet has been proved excellent in saving my friend head when he hit a stopped car in a freeway at the speed of 50 MPH. There was not a single scratch on his head or face. There are some negative points like it is fairly noisy, heavier than expected and does not handle the wind at its best.

  • Good fitness.
  • Manufacturing quality.
  • Comfortable.
  • Vents.
  • Massive view.
  • EPS liners.
  • Padded chin strap.
  • Highly endurable.
  • Fairly noisy.
  • Heavier than expected.

10. LS2 Open Face Spitfire Helmet

  • Size: X-Small
  • Color: Bombrider
  • Inner material: Expanded Polystyrene
  • Recommended: Motorcycling
  • Weight: 3.8 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 13 x 12 x 13 inches
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Sun shield: two positioned
  • Brand: LS2
LS2 Open Face Spitfire Helmet

Here we have a uniquely designed open face LS2 helmet which comes with unique features. It is known for its sun shield as it is its unique features. There are also some other unique feature of this helmet like it comes hypoallergenic pads which is 3D laser cut for extraordinary comfort and fitness. The beauty of the pads is that these are removable, washable, and replaceable.

The helmet is quite easily adjustable as it comes with quick release chin strap and you can even open it with the gloves on your hand. There is full metal latch around the helmet to increase its durability and fitness.

The beauty of the helmet is that it is dot approved and meet the federal motor vehicle safety standards. Moreover, it is extremely comfortable and you can even utilize it with no sun glasses. The sun visor is amazing on it. The sun visor is also retractable. The sun visor fits very well with your distance correction glasses on it. This is extremely good quality for people having vision issues especially old age people.

It is super lightweight and also comes with a bag for keeping it. The graffix on the helmet is very cool and stunning.

  • Fitness.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Comfortable.
  • Sun visor beauty.
  • Open face.
  • Cool design.
  • Perfect size.
  • Stylish.
  • Not pricy.
  • Comes with helmet bag.
  • fairly noisy in the heavy wind.
  • No room for the speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions -FAQs

Which helmet is best for cruiser bikes?

Here we have the best cruiser motorcycle helmets available in the market.

  • Daytona ¾ cruiser Motorcycle Helmet
  • TORC T50 cruiser motorcycle helmet
  • Shoei J-Cruise II motorcycle helmet
  • Bell Custom 500 cruiser motorcycle helmet
  • Bell Bullitt cruiser motorcycle helmet
  • TORC T1 cruiser full face helmet
  • VCOROS cruiser motorcycle open face helmet
  • ILM Open Face Motorcycle 3/4 Half Helmet for Cruiser Scooter
  • TORC T1 Full-face-Helmet-Style Motorcycle
  • LS2 Open Face Spitfire Helmet
Can you wear a full-face helmet on a cruiser?

Yes, you can wear it. Actually, many cruiser riders are preferring full face helmets for the sake of safety, anonymity, and comfort. But open face helmet is also equally in fashion as many people prefer to have an open ventilation system while riding the motor bike.

Do you need a helmet for cruiser?

Yes, you need to wear the helmet while riding the cruiser as it is necessary for the safety purpose. Some people don’t wear it for the swag purpose but it might be good for short distance ride but not for a long distance ride as there might be some accident. If you cannot wear a full-face helmet, you can wear an open face helmet for breathing in fresh air.


You cannot risk your life just for the lack of the helmet as the riding bike without wearing helmet is extremely dangerous business. The head and face are the most sensitive parts of our body and the helmet keeps them safe from any untoward incident. Riding on the cruiser bike is also extremely dangerous as it runs with the very fast speed and you need to carefully handle it. People often find it difficult when it comes to selecting a motorcycle helmet for cruiser ride. We have resolved this problem once and for all by giving you the comprehensive overview of all the best cruiser motorcycle helmet available in the market.

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