Best Motorcycle Helmet For Visibility – Top Picks And Reviews

As we know, some colors like white, yellow, green, red, blue, and orange attract our attention from a distance. So, the motorcycle helmets in these bright colors are easily noticeable for us. According to a research study done by HelmetAdviser safety expert Ryan Watling, the chances of high visibility motorcycle helmets being involved in road accidents are 23% less than dull colors helmets. Hence, a bright motorcycle helmet not only looks attractive but also helps to improve rider safety on road.

Before advising the best motorcycle helmet for visibility, we tested different helmet colors’ visibility from 300 meters distance. So, all our recommended helmet colors are easily noticeable from a long distance in the daytime. However, for night riding it’s better to place reflective stickers on your helmet. Moreover, our experts approved the following helmets after considering their weight, ventilation, protection, size range, construction quality, and view field.


Important Factors To Consider Before Choosing Helmet Color

Other than color consideration, it is also important to consider the place and type of weather you need to ride the most.

  • If you are going to ride in the warm area between the mountain or desert then a white color helmet offers the best visibility on sunny days
  • If you live in a place where the weather remains cloudy then yellow, green, orange and red colors can offer the best visibility
  • If you want to ride in the city area between the buildings then Hi-viz yellow color is the most eye-catchable
  • If you live in the snowiest place like Washington or Oregon then it’s better to choose a helmet in black or blue. (white and grey colors are not suitable)

Our Top Picks
Overall Best
High End

Best Motorcycle Helmet For Visibility- Comparison

Best Motorcycle Helmet For Visibility – Reviews

This article will also help you to choose the best motorcycle helmet color according to your personal preferences. Following unbiased reviews also include our experts’ rating on most requires helmet features. Moreover, after a detailed examination, we described each motorcycle helmet with its pros and cons. So, it becomes easy for you to choose the right one as per personal requirements.

1. Bell SRT Modular Helmet Review

Bell SRT Modular Helmet review

  • Available size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large,& 2X-large
  • Best helmet colors for visibility: White, Gray/Hi-viz Yellow, Gloss Green/White/Black. Hi-viz Green/black, Hi-viz yellow/navy/red, Gloss white/Blck/red,
  • Weight: 3.9 pounds
  • Fiberglass composite shell material
  • EPS inner core with air channeling
  • Flip-able chin guard with dual lock mechanism
  • Anti-fog coated face shield of class 1 optics
  • Visor with multiple lock position
  • Tool-free shield release mechanism
  • Dropdown inner sun visor
  • Stainless steel latch to lock chin guard
  • Adjustable chin & crown vent openings
  • BT-S2 Bluetooth headset adoptable
  • Chinstrap with metal D-ring fastener
  • Anti-microbial inner padding
  • Space to accommodate eyewear
  • Noise isolating cheek pads & chin curtain
  • DOT FMVSS No. 218 certified
  • P/J approved
  • 5-year manufacturing warranty
Prominent Features

As compared to Shoei Neotec II, Bell SRT modular helmet is almost half in price, but I found the protection and comfort level of both helmets are closely related. However, this Bell SRT modular version costs double than the full-face SRT version. Full face SRT is also SNELL certified, but modular SRT is only DOT approved. However, according to our safety expert, SRT modular is very close to being worth SNELL certification.

Like other modular helmets, this helmet also has a red lever under the front edge to flip up & down the chin guard. I like the flippable chin bar helmet because it helps me communicate at a gas station and convenience store without taking off my helmet. This Bell SRT modular helmet also has a lock to keep the chin-bar secure in an up position. This feature helps me to ride safely up to 45mph speed by leaving the chin guard in the up position. During riding, I did not get a lot of wind noise with this helmet on my head even in open face mode. There are also stainless steel latches on both sides to securely lock the chin bar in full-face mode.

Its distortion-free outer shield offers a clear and wide field of view. This shield has an anti-fog coating inside that seemed to work. I did not face inner fogging issues even with close vents. To ride in winter or humid environments, I used the pin-lock anti-fog lens in this shield. Pin-lock anti-fog lens comes with this helmet accessory. However, there is ¾ inch tab for shield lifting which creates noise at high speed.

This helmet also has a long nose cover that keeps your breath from fogging the visor. Another good side of that is my nose never gets hit when raising or lowering the chin bar.

This highly visible motorcycle helmet also has two reflective patches in the bottom of cheek pads that light up nicely for behind traffic during a night ride. Other than reflective patches Bell SRT modular & full-face helmets come in many visible graphic designs and color options. So, we rank it first in our entire list of best motorcycle helmets for visibility.

Its chin curtain is relatively small in size which makes this helmet easier for me to take off and put on. However, at 80mph speed its small size allows air to rush up into my chin area and create a small degree of noise.

As compared to the full-face SRT helmet, there is a smooth cable-operated switch along the bottom left rim of the helmet to the drop-down inner sun visor. The lowering position of this sun visor is accurate, it neither touches my nose nor leaves a gap to let in sunlight. All these features made me a big fan of the Bell SRT modular helmet.

As you know, extra ventilation mostly tends to lose noise isolation. However, Bell did an effort to balance these two factors in the design of the SRT modular helmet. After examination, our expert rates this helmet average in noise isolation and ventilation.

The main reason behind its lowering price than Neotec II is that it is made in 2 shell sizes only. Bell SRT modular has only two shell sizes (XS & 3XL) that use thick or thin padding to cover all sizes range. However, its XL size fits perfectly on my round oval shape head. People with long oval head shapes should avoid this helmet.

What We Like
  • Great value for the price
  • Anti-fog lens and storage beg in accessories
  • Soft, smooth, comfortable, and washable inner padding
  • Nicely design drop-down sun visor
  • Anti-fog coated lens offers excellent visibility
  • Outer shield seal well against rain and wind
  • Cheek pads with reflective patches
  • Bell SRT has best motorcycle helmet color for visibility
  • Chinstrap with simple and effective double D ring buckle
  • Cheek pads isolate ears from wind noise
  • Nose cover with enough room to accommodate boom style microphone
  • Bluetooth handset adoptable
  • Can accommodate sunglass or eyewear
  • Ideal helmet for all kinds of rider
What We Don’t
  • Average ventilated helmet in full-face mode
  • Only 2 shell sizes
  • Not a very lightweight helmet

2. Scorpion R1 Air Full Face Helmet

Best motorcycle helmet for visibility

  • Available size: Small, Medium, Large, X-large,& 2X-large
  • Best helmet color for visibility: Neon Red, Red/White/Blue, Neon Yellow, & White
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Resin-infused TCT shell material
  • Aero-tuned shell shape to reduce drag and improve stability
  • 3 shell sizes
  • Multilayer EPS inner core with deep grooves
  • Pin-lock ready super clear & smoke face shield
  • Anti-fog lens include in accessories
  • Breath deflector to ensure fog-free vision
  • Integrated center lock to seal visor into the helmet
  • Tool-free shield release mechanism
  • Adjustable chin and top vent openings
  • Washable antimicrobial inner padding
  • One piece unit of cheek pads and neck roll
  • Emergency releasable cheek pads
  • Cheek pads channels to accommodate eyewear
  • Air pump cheek pads to attain customize fit
  • Fit for intermediate oval head shape
  • Speaker pocket to accommodate Bluetooth system
  • Chinstrap with metal D-ring fastener
  • Chin curtain to reduce wind noise
  • DOT & ECE certified
  • 5-year manufacturing warranty
Prominent Features

One thing that I always like about scorpion is, they offer a quality product for a very affordable price point. EXO R1 air is the Scorpion top-of-the-line sport bike helmet. It is a little expensive, but its range of features and good material quality is worth it. This helmet is designed to meet the demand of MotoGP and world superbike racing. However, you can use it for a wide variety of other motorcycling duties.

The outer shell of this helmet is comprised of five layers that include fiberglass, aramid, and poly-resin fiber. Its multilayer construction technology makes its structure strong that can dissipate impact while keeping it lightweight as much as possible. This EXO R1 Air Corpus has a carbon fiber style graphic, but it does not use that material. Moreover, this multilayer shell is bounded with variable density EPS inner foam that minimizes energy transfer from high-speed impacts.

This helmet also comes in 3 shell sizes. The smallest shell size covers size range XS, S & M while the largest shell size covers the size range from XL to 3XL. Size large gets its own shell size. More shell sizes mean weight saving for the smaller size as well as less bulky on rider head. This is in my opinion is one of the best motorcycle helmet for visibility.

In this helmet cheek pad and neck roll is a one-piece unit. I found this one-piece unit easy to carry out and reinstall. Furthermore, there is a red color strap to release the cheek pad in an emergency. This feature is very helpful in case of head injury. A first aider can easily remove this helmet by pulling out cheek pads and the chance of further damage during helmet removal is minimized

The unique feature of this helmet is air adjustable cheek pads. There is a pump inside the chin bar. Pressing on this red blub, pump the air into two bladders behind the cheek pads. These air pump cheek pads allow air-tight fitting and keep maximum noise and wind out of the helmet. There is also a removable chin curtain that shuts out most of the air and noise from below. For high-speed riding, I am using this pump to attain air-tight fitting. This feature helps me to isolate my ear from wind and motorbike sound. I am happy with this helmet, but it is out of my budget range. There is also a release button next to the pump that releases the air from the cheek pads when it needs.

As compare to EXO-ST1400, the optical quality of the EXO R1 Air visor is very good. You can open or close this optically correct visor by using a central tab. When I pull the visor down without lock it then the small opening allows additional air to flow in. However, when I lock the visor it seals well against noise, rain, and wind. Moreover, a tinted visor, visor bag, helmet bag, and anti-fog lens are also included in this helmet accessory.  However, this helmet comes in limited color options we rank it second in our entire list of best motorcycle helmets for visibility.

This helmet offers good airflow through adjustable top and chin vents even at slow speed. During the trial, I felt airflow across the top of my head even at a speed of 20mph. However, at a speed greater than 60mph, I felt the need to close helmet intake vents. To adjust the forehead vent opening there is a large slider that is easy to find even with a gloved hand. There is also a slider inside the chin bar that can change the path of airflow from your mouth toward the face shield. This feature is very helpful in demisting of face shield when the outside temperature is below 60 F’.

What We Like
  • Highly visible graphic design helmet
  • Light and stronger D-ring buckle made from titanium
  • Emergency releasable cheeks pads
  • Inner padding is easy to carry out and reinstall
  • Lightweight and a solid shell material
  • Air pump cheek pads
  • Cutout in EPS to accommodate helmet speaker system
  • Relatively sung fitting helmet and less likely to lose over time
  • Comfortably fit to intermediate oval head shape
  • Aerodynamically design (no buffering at high speed)
  • Good airflow with excellent control on vent openings
  • Noise is well controlled
  • Pin-lock ready clear and smoke visor in accessories
  • Lower price than other brands helmet with the same range of features
What We Don’t
  • Interior chin vent is not easily accessible with this helmet on the rider head
  • Visor Center tab is difficult to operate

3. LS2 Full Face Stream Tacho helmet

LS2 Full Face stream Tacho helmet

  • Available size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large,& 2X-large
  • Best visible helmet color: White, Green Krome, Wind, Axis Blue, Axis White, Axis Yellow, Axis black yellow.
  • Weight: 3.56 pounds
  • Thermoplastic shell material
  • Multi-density EPS core with air channels
  • Scratch-resistant face shield without any visual distortion
  • Quick-release shield mechanism
  • Anti-fog lens (sold separately) adoptable face shield
  • Cable-operated dropdown inner sun visor
  • Adjustable 3 intake vent openings
  • Bluetooth headset adoptable
  • Chinstrap with a micrometric fastener
  • Moisture-wicking inner pads are washable
  • Cheek pads of 3D laser-cut technology
  • Neckroll & chin curtain to noise control
  • Space to accommodate eyewear
  • DOT/ECE22,05 certified
  • 5-year manufacturing warranty
Prominent Features

Our expert classified it as the best visible entry-level sport-oriented helmet. As compared to other full-face helmets LS2 has the same range of features at a very affordable price. This helmet has a perfect mix of safety, style, and comfort. It is rated very high for safety. As far as visibility is concerned, this helmet also comes in different visible color schemes and patterns. Its graphic designs in different colors add great value in the ranking of the LS2 helmet as the best motorcycle helmet for visibility.

During the trial, I was extremely happy with this helmet. I found it light and soft enough to wear every day. This helmet also gets high ratings from buyers.

Its polycarbonate shell plus multi-density EPS core can offer solid protection during a crash. It neck roll and chin strap also ensure helmet stability on rider head at all time. However, this helmet is not Snell certified but above that, it is ECE certified. Snell and DOT testing standards are not as extreme as ECE. Moreover, ECE certification is accepted in over 50 countries worldwide.

This helmet XL size fits nice on my intermediate oval head of circumference 24.5”. This head shape is typically the most popular for the American market. Its high-quality cheek pads counter my face nicely but after a while, these pads started to wear down and took the shape of my face. When that happens, pads allow some air and noise to enter the helmet. However, its neck roll and chin curtain are doing their job to minimize that effect. You cannot find a completely silent helmet anywhere but I found this one relatively quiet.

Its adjustable top and chin vents allow enough air to circulate around my head at a speed greater than 25mph. However, at slow speed, its ventilation system is not very impressive. Moreover, its face shield doesn’t either have detents to lock the shield at different opening positions. So, ventilation through shield opening is not workable for this helmet. As you pick up speed the wind will force it closed.

Its distortion-free outer shield offers a clear and broad field of view but it’s not fog proof. When the outside temperature is below 60 F’ then the visor will tend to fog up only if you are not moving or vents are closed. However, its outer face shield has pin locks that are ready to install an anti-fog lens. There’s also a small lever on the left side middle of the helmet to raise & lower the inner sun visor that can protect your eyes from UV radiations.

LS2 stream helmet has room in the padding to accommodate glasses. I have tried multiple styles of eyewear with this helmet on my head and they have been fine. Moreover, this helmet is also Bluetooth compatible. There is proper space between the shell and padding to accommodate the wiring. Its ear pockets are designed to accept speakers. I put a Sena SMH5 on my LS2 helmet. It takes less than 15 minutes to install. I found this helmet quiet enough to hear music but the microphone for phone calls becomes noise-sensitive at a speed faster than 70 mph.

What We Like
  • Budget helmet with best visible graphic design
  • Excellent protection level
  • Helmet with twin shield system
  • Bluetooth handset system compatible
  • Anti-fog lens adaptable face shield
  • Washable inner padding
  • Relatively quiet helmet no hear protection need
  • Adjustable vents openings
  • Eyewear compatible
  • Neckroll with reflective patch
  • Bright color motorcycle helmet
  • Distortion-free wide view field
  • Lightweight and comfortable helmet
  • Quick-release buckle is easy to manipulate
What We Don’t
  • Chin curtain of poor quality
  • Average ventilation
  • Only 1 shell size
  • Visor tends to fog-up
  • Detent free movement of the face shield
  • The Center tab of the face shield is difficult to operate

4. TORC- T27 Modular Helmet With Blinc Bluetooth

ORC- T27 Modular Helmet with Blinc Bluetooth high visibility

  • Available size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large,& X-large
  • Other visible colors options: Gloss white, Hi-viz Yellow, & Silver
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Unique thermoplastic alloy shell material
  • Dual-density EPS inner core
  • Flip-able chin guard with detent to holds it up
  • Scratch & fog resistant front face shield
  • Front face shield with multiple lock position
  • Nice quick-release shield mechanism
  • Dropdown inner sun visor
  • Stainless steel latch to lock chin guard
  • Adjustable chin & crown vent openings
  • Integrated Blinc Bluetooth communication system
  • 1 rechargeable lithium battery
  • 8 hours talk time & 150 hours standby time
  • Chinstrap with metal D-ring fastener
  • Space to accommodate eyewear
  • Comfortable internal padding but of basic quality
  • DOT & ECE certified
  • Suitable for Intermediate oval shape head
Prominent Features

If you are looking for a highly visible modular helmet with integrated Bluetooth then this helmet is an ideal option. It blinc Bluetooth system is easy to use. You can lessen to music, answer calls or pair it to another helmet but it’s not the best system out there. During the trial, I could hear music at speeds over 80mph, but phone calls were a little quieter.

Its communication system is gone be better for those who looking for a rider to passenger communication system not so much for the long-distance rider to rider communication. For any speed under 70 mph, this helmet is more than acceptable. However, at speeds faster than 70 mph phone calls become noise sensitive. My only complaint with T27 is wind noise.

To pair the phone with this helmet, there is a need to press and hold the Multi-Function button on the helmet for about 7 seconds until the RED and BLUE indicator lights flash alternately. To connect T27 with other T27 for Bluetooth intercom press and hold multi-function buttons of both. You can pair a total of 3 helmets for intercom function but you can only talk to 1 person at a time. According to the manufacturer, you can communicate through intercom function in 400-meter range but I experienced distortion in communication after 300 meters.

To plug the charger into the port you need to pop off black plastic from the charging panel located at the back of the helmet. This helmet has good water-resistant properties, which means it can handle rain, splash, and sweat. I have tested this helmet in the rain twice for a short distance. There is no issue; everything is still fine in the helmet.

The most unique thing in this helmet design is its compact shell size. As compared to others, this helmet is 20% less in physical size. However, dual-density EPS technology allows its compact shell to fit as other bulkier helmets. Compact shell size not only looks attractive but also results in the lightweight of this helmet. Moreover, Its attractive hi viz yellow color make it best motorcycle helmet for visibility

As far as safety is concern its thermoplastic shell material has the property to offer high impact resistance. Moreover, its EPS foam core of variable densities can better manage energy transfer from different speed impacts. Last year, this helmet has saved my class fellow life in a serious accident.

Its chin bar flipping mechanism is very smooth and handy. There are also tabs on both sides of the face shield to easily flip up or down with either hand. Furthermore, there is a slider to the left bottom of the helmet for a drop-down inner sun visor. However, lowering the position of this sun visor is not accurate for my face, it touches my nose.

During trial up to 20mph speed its open face model offers excellent ventilation and doesn’t cause any discomfort. But at high speed (more than 35mph) its open face mode becomes very noisy and uncomfortable. When I try full-face mode at this high speed then this helmet again proves to be well ventilated even in hot summers but there is a wind noise issue. This helmet’s large size fits nicely on my 23” intermediate oval shape head.

What We Like
  • Suitable for all types of motorcycle and scooter
  • High visibility motorcycle helmet
  • Compact shell size
  • Washable inner padding
  • Budget-friendly Integrated Bluetooth helmet
  • Equally suitable for men and women
  • Helmet with dual sun visor
  • Hi viz motorcycle helmet
  • Superior ventilation
  • Strong helmet to withstand against worse impact
  • Helmet with good water resistance
  • Smooth chin bar and visor flip mechanism
  • Good helmet for hot summer days
What We Don’t
  • A certain cleaner can ruin its paint
  • The intercom function is not very effective
  • Bad for wind noise control
  • Entry-level communication system

5. Scorpion EXO-R320 Full Face Street Motorcycle Helmet

Best motorcycle helmet for visibility

  • Available size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large,& 2X-large
  • best visible helmet colors: White/neo yellow, Black/orange
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Polycarbonate shell material
  • Dual-density EPS core tune with the ventilation system
  • Scratch-resistant face shield
  • Quick-release shield mechanism
  • Pin-lock ready face shield
  • A lever to lock or unlock the face shield
  • 5 intake & 2 exhaust vent openings
  • Bluetooth headset system adoptable
  • Chinstrap with double D ring buckle
  • Moisture-wicking antimicrobial inner pads
  • Inner padding cover with nice microfiber material
  • Space to accommodate eyewear
  • Suitable for intermediate oval head shape
  • DOT certified
Prominent Features

This helmet is right for the entry-level street rider who is looking for an affordable high-quality full-face helmet. But this is not a type of helmet that I would take for race track duty. Scorpion EXO-R320 is a lightweight helmet comes in highly visible colors scheme and patterns. . Due to its highly visible and attractive graphic design we rate it best motorcycle helmet for visibility.

Scorpion has done some great effort to make this helmet well ventilated without being noisy. As compare to R420, R320 is lightweight and low in price. On the other hand, R420 is DOT and SNELL certified but R320 is DOT only.

During the trial, I felt it very safe and comfortable on my head. There is nothing to compromise regarding safety and helmet fitting. However, our safety expert does not recommend it for bike racing. This helmet’s large size sits comfortably on my intermediate oval head of 24” circumference.

The most interesting thing that I note in this helmet is the city lock visor. I know there is no other helmet in this price range that has this special visor lock mechanism. By using this, you can lock the visor in a slightly open position that allows wind to come in during the ride at a slow speed. However, at high speed, its strategically position venture-type vents also keep my head cool.

This helmet comes only with a clear visor but you can also buy a tinted visor separately. EXO-R320 visor does not have an anti-fog coating but it can adopt an anti-fog lens. I have also tested this helmet during rain and dust pollution. During the trial, I found that its face shield seals well against water, wind, and dust.

Last but not least, its inner padding is covered with very soft and smooth microfiber material. This moisture-wicking padding has also anti-microbial properties. You can also remove all inner padding of this helmet for washing purposes.

What We Like
  • Best visible graphic design helmet
  • Safety with style
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Budget helmet with visor lock mechanism
  • Pin-lock ready face shield
  • Visor seal well against dust, wind, and rain
  • Speaker pocket to accommodate communication system
  • Eyewear compatible cheek pads
  • 2 shell sizes in this low price helmet
  • Relatively quiet helmet for the price point
  • Good control over the ventilation system
What We Don’t
  • Come with only a clear visor (no tinted visor)
  • No drop-down inner sun visor
  • No-fog clear visor (need to purchase anti-fog lens separately)
  • Need to place reflective sticker for night riding

6. Biltwell Lane Splitter Motorcycle Helmet

Biltwell Lane Splitter motorcycle helmet

  • Available size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large,& 2X-large
  • Best visible helmet colors: White, Blue & copper
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • ABS outer shell material
  • EPS inner core to dissipate impact
  • Scratch & fog resistant face shield
  • Peg style lock to hold the shield
  • Visor available in a variety of color option
  • Always-open 5-intake chin vents
  • Bluetooth headset adoptable
  • Comfy Chinstrap with a double D ring fastener
  • Chin bar molded with Urethane pad
  • Removable & moisture-wicking comfort liner & cheek pads
  • Space to accommodate eyewear
  • Relatively high in profile on head
  • Best for round oval head shape
  • DOT & ECE R22.05 certified
Prominent Features

I just love the look of this helmet. After wearing, its chin bar looks like a bane mask. Its ABS outer shell has a hand-painted finish. The company designed it to give a fantastic look like an old vintage helmet. Other than the amazing look and style, the most notable feature of this helmet is its always open chin bar vents. If you live somewhere that is mostly hot then its chin bar vents can keep your face cool. However, for cold and rainy weather conditions these chin vents become worst because they are always open. But I resolve this issue by placing the tape on these vents. Some owners use these vents to mount the camera on the chin bar but I did not try it.

Its EPS inner core has grooves cut that run front to back toward a rear exhaust vent. By using venture effect, the rear exhaust vent pulls hot moist air out from the top of my head. But I did found it very effective because there is no forehead vent to let air in.

If I share my experience, I wore a size large for my 60cm head circumference and this lightweight helmet fit a little tight on my intermediate oval head shape. However, if you have a relative round head shape and stick to a size chart it will fit you well.

The inside padding quality of this helmet is pretty basic. Its cheek pads are a little stiff but started to wear down and took the shape of my face after a month of use. Its inner pads did a great job in wicking moisture when my head got the sweat on hot days. All of the interiors are removable and there are Velcro tabs to secure inner padding in place. There is also space for a speaker. So, you can also add a com system if you want.

Its scratch and fog-resistant visor do all the basics well. However, the visor opening and closing mechanism is not so amazing. Even after locking in a close position its visor does not seal well into the helmet.

Noise isolation is another place where biltwell did not do a great job for this helmet. Chin curtain and neck roll help to reduce noise but at the same time vents in the chin bar don’t do any favor in noise reduction. A good amount of air from these vents also means a good amount of noise.  Anyhow, we include this in our list of the best motorcycle helmet for visibility due to its glossy and bright color options.In short, it is one of the best motorcycle helmet for visibility.

What We Like
  • Lightweight and well-ventilated helmet
  • Hand sewn Comfort liner
  • The rubbery gasket around the bottom edge and eye port
  • Good quality helmet for the price
  • Sung and very secure fitting
  • Bright color motorcycle helmet
  • Washable inner liner
  • Eyewear compatible
  • Best motorcycle helmet for visibility
  • Visor available in multiple color option
  • Wide & Distortion-free field of view
  • Stylish look like an old vintage helmet
What We Don’t
  • Always open vents
  • Noisy
  • Visor doesn’t seal well


We carefully distinguish these 6 best motorcycle helmets due to their highly visible graphic design. After the detailed examinations, we specify every helmet with its pros and cons. All of these are highly beneficial and best-selling helmets and are known for their persistence & comfort. This article will help you to pick one from these best visible motorcycle helmets that most accurately dress your riding needs and budget. My favorite motorbike helmet among these is Bell SRT Modular HelmetIt best suits my taste and requirements. And I hope after reading this article, you have found your best motorcycle helmet for visibility.

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