Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet For Hot Summers – 2022

Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

Wearing a motorcycle helmet in summer can end up in dizziness, visual disturbance, and heavy sweating of the head. So some bikers may tempt to ride without a motorcycle helmet. But it can never be a wise decision because motorcycle accidents are more likely to cause injuries or even death than car accidents. Now, what to do! The one thing you can do to enjoy a safe ride in summer is to find the best ventilated motorcycle helmet that maintains your cool during sunny rides.

Now the question is which one should you choose? All the ventilated motorbike helmets are not equally comfortable. Moreover, extra ventilation tends to lose noise isolation at high speed. Thusto save you from daunting choicesour team spends 130 hours in research and testing before selecting the following 5 models.


What we like in motorcycle helmets for best ventilation in summer

  • All intake and exhaust ports must be integrated with air channels which force air to pass through the helmet even at a slow speed
  • Forehead and chin bar vents must be able to route air around the forehead, chin, and jaws area.
  • Helmet inner pads are able to absorb and evaporate sweat quickly
  • Inner padding material must remain smell-free by stopping bacterial growth
  • Helmet Inner pads lining is also able to drip sweat away from rider brows
  • The ventilated helmet must be able to adopt a breath deflector that can keep the rider’s breath from face shield fogging.
  • The helmet shield should be pin-lock ready to adopt an anti-fog lens that is very helpful during rain.
  • The face shield should be lockable at different opening positions that allow the rider to feel a breeze on his face during smooth traveling.  
  • A good ventilated motorcycle helmet should also have good control over wind noise even at high speed
  • A ventilated motorcycle helmet should be very convenient to switch between half and full-face mode. This feature is great when riders need a breath of fresh air or to have a conversation with other road fellows.

Before recommendation, we tested these motorcycle helmets at different speeds. All our recommended motorcycle helmets are proven to be very convenient in hot weather conditions.


According to a survey wearing a motorcycle helmet reduces the risk of death by 37% and head injuries by 69%. So, never think about road-biking without a crash helmet. Your life is far more important than enjoying breezing through the fresh air.

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Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet – Comparsion Table

Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmets – Reviews

In this article, unbiased motorcycle helmet reviews also include all basic information that every biker wants to know before purchasing. Moreover, we described each motorcycle helmet with its pros and cons. So, it becomes very easy for you to choose the right helmet as per requirements. Before purchasing any motorcycle helmet, you just need to confirm your head size.

1. LS2 Valiant II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Best ventilated motorcycle helmet

  • Available size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large, 2X-large, & 3X-Large
  • Available color: Black, Black / White, Battleship Gray, Silver, White, Jeans, Matte Black, Blue, Titanium, & White Red Blue
  • Weight: 3.74 pound
  • Kinetic polymer alloy shell material
  • EPS inner core
  • Most advance180’ flip mechanism of the chin bar
  • Impact & scratch resistant face shield
  • Tool-free shield release mechanism
  • Dropdown inner tinted visor
  • Metal latch to assure chin guard lock
  • Multiple intakes & exhaust vent openings
  • Air channel matrix through EPS foam
  • Circular Speaker pocket of 1” dia
  • Chin strap with quick release buckle
  • Superb Ergonomics inner padding
  • Space to accommodate glasses
  • Chin curtain
  • Laser-cut cheek pads to offer comfort & noise isolation
  • DOT FMVSS 218 & CARB certified
  • 5-year manufacturing warranty
Ride impressions

LS2 did key updates and nice improvements with this Valiant II modular helmet. As compared to the previous model, I found this valiant II model is a bit more lightweight and ventilated. Moreover, Valiant II has more enclosing and soft ear pads which going to help in wind noise reduction. I found this helmet is a bit more low profile in overall shell design. The most unique feature that impressed me is the 180-degree flip mechanism of the chin guard. It gives a complete look of a half-face helmet when I park its chin bar all the way back of the helmet.

 Convenient to switch between half-face and full-face mode 

LS2 built the chin bar flip mechanism of Valiant II after the popularity of the original Valiant model. But the valiant II chin bar mechanism is lighter and slimmer than the original. During the examination, when I place its chin bar in the back, I did not feel any kind of unbalancing on my head. Unlike other modular helmets, I can use its outer shield with the chin-bar placed in the back.

Moreover, its metal latches on the front side help to securely lock the chin bar in full-face mode. I have also tested its chin bar flipping mechanism with a gloved hand. It works great for me. Other than 2 different looks this helmet is also doubly certified as a full-face and open-face helmet.

LS2 Valiant II helmet chin bar goes fully back

 Efficient airflow through multiple intake and exhaust ports 

As compared to the previous Valiant model, I found this latest Valiant II model more ventilated. Its multiple intakes and exhaust ports are integrated with EPS internal channels that force fresh air to flow over my scalp. In full-face mode, I feel a lot of cool air circulation around my head even at a slow speed. However, at high speed, I felt the need to control the airflow inside the helmet by adjusting the intake vents. Moreover, its vent openings also remained very helpful to keep my breath from face shield fog up. Overall this helmet with great ventilation system impressed me. I highly recommend it for people in hot weather countries.

 Helmet with twin-face shield 

During the test ride, its distortion-free outer shield did not limit my ability to see the surrounding. Moreover, I found its outer shield release mechanism very smooth and easy there is no need for any tool to remove it. This feature is very helpful to remove or reinstall pin-lock-ready anti-fog lens into the shield. During cold and rainy weather conditions outer face shield fog usually makes it difficult to see ahead. So, I prefer to use an anti-fog lens in such conditions, and luckily anti-fog lens comes with this motorcycle helmet accessory. According to the manufacturer, the outer shield also has impact & scratch-resistant properties.

Moreover, there is also a smooth cable-operated switch along the bottom left rim which uses to drop down its inner tinted visor. I found this switch easy to flap even with a gloved hand.

LS2 Valiant II helmet dual face shields

 It’s relatively quiet as a modular motorcycle helmet 

Generally, modular motorcycle helmets are noisier than the full-face motorcycle helmet but I found this helmet relatively quiet at high speed. There is no 100% noise reduction but wind noise is not to the level which would bother me even after a 2-hour ride. Their laser-cut Cheek pads fit pretty comfortably around my ears which helps to maintain the ear’s isolation from wind noise. During a test drive, I did not get a lot of wind noise even with the chin-bar up at 70mph speed.

 Lightweight helmet with excellent protection level 

This Valiant II model is 85 grams less in weight than the previous version. LS2 brand uses kinetic polymer alloy(KPA) material to build this crash helmet shell. KPA is a high-end polymer and might be the best material that has ever been developed for helmet construction. So, I did not have any doubt about this helmet’s protection abilities. This material feels more flexible and can offer high penetration resistance. It can better manage the energy of impact during any crash.

  • Lightweight and comfortable helmet
  • Best airflow motorcycle helmet
  • 1 helmet with 2 different looks
  • Dual certified as open face and full face
  • Pin-lock anti-fog lens adoptable shield
  • High quality of cheek pad foam
  • Removable and washable inner padding
  • Class A polycarbonate outer shield
  • Perfect for intermediate oval head shape
  • Relatively quiet helmet no hear protection needed
  • Modular helmet with great ventilation
  • Good quality Camo backpack and tinted shield in accessories
  • Dual point adjustable intake vents
  • Bluetooth handset system adoptable
  • Expensive helmet but it’s quality worth it

2. Shoei Neotec II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei Neotec II modular motorcycle Helmet review

  • Available size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large,& 2X-large
  • Available color: Anthracite, Gloss Black, Matte Black, silver,White, Red, light silver, Hi visibility Blue, Deep Gray.
  • Weight: 3.74 pound
  • Wind tunnel shell design to reduce buffering
  • AIM shell material
  • Dual-density EPS inner core with air channeling
  • Dual lock Flip-mechanism of the chin bar
  • Scratch resistant face shield
  • Visor seal, against rain and wind
  • Tool-free shield release mechanism
  • Pin-lock, anti-fog lens adoptable shield
  • Dropdown inner visor for UV protection
  • Stainless steel latch to lock chin guard
  • Adjustable chin & crown vent openings
  • Sena SRL Bluetooth headset adoptable
  • Chinstrap with metal micrometer fastener
  • Superb Ergonomics inner padding
  • Space to accommodate glasses
  • Noise isolating neck roll & cheek pads
  • DOT FMVSS No. 218 certified
  • P/J approved
  • 5-year manufacturing warranty
Ride impressions

Shoei Neotec II is one of the expensive motorcycle helmets but the key focus of this racing helmet is to offer outstanding comfort for everyone. The ventilation of this modular motorcycle helmet is one of the best I ever tried. In this Neotec II version, the Shoei brand redesigns its cheek pads and visor seal to reduce wind noise. Noise reduction is the most notable improvement in Neotec II. If you are after a great ventilated but very quiet helmet then Neotec II is the best option. During the examination, I ride with this racing helmet as fast as I can and there is no kind of discomfort.

 Excellent ventilation and stability as you expected from such a high-quality helmet 

There are two controlled airflow vents, one on the chin side and the other on the crown of the head. I found its chin bar vent open & close mechanism is really simple even with a gloved hand during the ride. Similarly, the crown vent opening position is also easily adjustable with one glove hand. During the test ride, I experienced good airflow through its crown vent because it is integrated with EPS internal channels that force hot air to escape from the back vents. These aerodynamical design vents do not produce any whistling sound even at high speed. Our experts mark it as the safest racing helmet on the entire list.

Moreover, its outer shell design has channels, ridges, and a lip at the bottom of the chin bar. This aerodynamical design racing helmet glides through the air at high speed. During the test when I ride above 50mph speed I feel a reduction in helmet weight and overall drag force. After 2 hours test drive, I am completely satisfied with this helmet’s performance.

Shoei Neotec II Modular front, top and back vents

 Shoei did Improvements for better control over noise reduction 

The old Neotec was a little disappoint me in the noise control department. But in Neotec II, Shoei made key improvements in cheek pads and neck roll construction design which can offer better ear isolation. Moreover, the Neotec II chin guard comes with a wind guard which also stops noise from getting into the helmet.

According to the manufacturer, its outer shield seal well into the helmet which also helps to keep wind noise out of this racing helmet. During the test ride, I also found its visor can stand well against wind, rain, and dust.

If I share my experience, I found this racing helmet quiet. But 100% noise isolation during the ride is not possible because some noise approaches your cochlea directly through bone conduction.

 Flip-up chin guard with dual lock mechanism 

There is a large red push button in front that is used to flip up or down its chin guard. I found this push-button easy to manipulate even with a gloved hand. Moreover, there is also a lock to keep the chin-bar secure in an up position. During the examination, I did not find any way of falling down this chin guard unexpectedly. Similarly, there are also stainless steel latches on the front side that securely lock the chin bar in full-face mode

It is a P/J-approved modular helmet that gives me complete satisfaction with this helmet protection ability in both open-face and full-face mode. During testing with the raised chin bar, I feel a lot of wind around my face and head without any discomfort. But after 50 mph speed, there is an overall increase in wind noise & drag force.

 It’s Face shield seals well against wind, rain & UV radiations 

As compared to old Noetec, I feel improvements in its shield sitting mechanism. Even at top speed, it seals well against dust, wind, and rain. During the test ride, this helmet also kept me aware of the surrounding by offering a wide view area. There is no face shield fog-up issue when I installed the anti-fog lens with it. But this shield seems to get scratches after 1-2 years of usage.

There is also a slider to the left bottom of the helmet for a drop-down inner tinted visor. According to Shoei, this tinted visor offers you 99% protection from UV radiation. During the test ride, I found this slider easy to flap even with a gloved hand. However, as compared to Valiant II, this helmet shield is unable to protect my face in open-face mode. It’s just a shame for this expensive modular helmet. Anyhow, overall it is the best ventilated motorcycle helmet.

 Helmet with Four shell sizes give more natural, secure, and comfortable fitting 

Its fiberglass composite shell is made from advanced integrated matrix technology. This technology reduces weight from unneeded places and adds more strength to areas of importance. Moreover, this fiberglass shell is bounded with variable density EPS inner foam that can better manage energy transfer from different speed impacts.

One of the most notable things about this crash helmet is its four shell sizes. In most cases, there is only one shell size that uses a greater or small amount of padding to produce motorcycle helmets of different sizes. This thing not only takes you away from natural size fit but also compromises safety and comfort. But 4 shell sizes of Neotec II give you a perfect look according to your head size.

  • Helmet with great material quality
  • Comfortable fitting without any pressure point
  • Great improvement for noise isolation
  • Racing helmet with great ventilation
  • Outer shield seal well against noise, rain, and wind
  • Removable and Washable inner padding
  • Best summer motorcycle helmet
  • Dual lock flip mechanism of chin-bar
  • 4 shell size offer secure and natural size fit
  • Helmet with a range of color option
  • Equally suitable for men and women
  • No buffering at high speed
  • Anti-fog lens and storage bag in accessories
  • Expensive
  • Not a very lightweight helmet
  • Only compatible with Sena SRL Bluetooth headset

3. Bell Mag-9 Open Face Helmet

bell mag-9 open face motorcycle helmet

  • Available size: X-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large, 2X-large
  • Available colors: Gloss Black, Gloss White,
  • Weight: 3 pound
  • Polycarbonate shell material
  • EPS inner core
  • Impact & scratch resistant face shield
  • Quick-release shield & visor mechanism
  • Dropdown tinted visor integrated spring-loaded system
  • Adjustable intake crown vent openings
  • Sena SMH 10 Bluetooth stereo headset compatible
  • Chinstrap with double D ring buckle
  • Removable and washable inner padding
  • Space to accommodate glasses legs
  • Cushion cheek pads for superior fit and comfort
  • DOT FMVSS 218 certified
Ride Impressions

I tested this motorcycle helmet in seven different configuration possibilities with or without the shield & sun visor. As compared to the old Mag-8, this model has better ventilation and offers top-notch comfort. Moreover, it has a very smooth mechanism for its drop-down visor. This helmet also adopted my Sena Bluetooth headset without any discomfort. I tested this helmet in large size that gives me the perfect look according to my head size. Mag-9 also comes in 2 shell sizes which is very unusual in this price range. Its lightweight and 7 different configuration possibilities make it perfectly suitable for long-distance touring in hot weather condition. My testing co-partner also loved this helmet.

 I get a lot of fresh air in this open face helmet 

During testing, I experience a lot of airflow underneath the shield even at low speed. However, there is no control over airflow other than changing the riding speed. During rain, its face shield fog-up but fresh air removed it immediately. Its velocity flow ventilation system feels like breezing through the fresh air.

During the ride, I feel its sun visor directs air to enter in adjustable top vents. These intake vents and rear exhaust vents are interconnected through EPS airflow channels. All these strategically placed vents allow maximizing cool air circulation around my head. For moderate-speed riding, I categorize this as the best airflow motorcycle helmet.

Bell Mag-9 Strategically placed vents for proper ventilation

 I give this helmet an average rating on noise control 

As an open face helmet, I found this helmet quieter than expected. During riding behind a large shield there is low wind noise. This helmet noise level depends upon many factors like motorcycle type, riding speed, helmet configuration, rider cloth, and riding posture. So, comment on noise level depends on individual experience. However, the majority give an average rating on the noise control level of this helmet.

 Helmet with Different configuration possibilities 

This helmet’s outer shield and sun visor both are integrated with a quick-release mechanism. So, you can remove or reinstall them easily to get your preferred configurations. Moreover, there are 5 soft detents as you raise or lower the face shield via the lifting tab.

Furthermore, its internal spring-loaded sun visor is engaged with a lever on the left side of the helmet. This spring load mechanism worked smoothly and I did not feel any need to wear sunglasses with this helmet. However, this helmet can also accommodate glasses.

 Excellent build material quality 

The overall material quality of this crash helmet is excellent. Its polycarbonate rigid shell is lightweight and painted nicely. Its outer full face shield also has impact and scratch resistance properties. According to the manufacturer, its inner tinted visor can offer 99% UV protection. You can also purchase inner and outer shields of different shades separately.

Its cheek pads offer enough cushioning to absorb impact. Moreover, its cheek pads feel very nice to the skin due to the microfiber material in the skin contact area. You can also remove its moisture-wicking inner padding for washing purposes. Last but not least, To resolve the fitting adjustment issue the BELL give different thickness cheek pads in this helmet accessories.

 Sena SMH10 Bluetooth headset accommodation 

Like other Bell motorcycle helmets, Mag-9 is ready to take in the Sena Bluetooth stereo headset and intercom. There is a blank cover on the left bottom side of the helmet to hide recess. After removing the blank cover, cheek pads, and a section of EPS foam you can insert the Sena clamp kit. Its cheek pads have a pocket over the ear to accommodate speakers. There is also a groove along the left-hand side of the liner to accommodate the microphone boom. To enjoy proper loudness speakers must be placed right above ears.

  • Helmet with internal and external sun visor
  • Face shield offers a wide and distortion-free view area
  • Spring-loaded sun visor mechanism
  • Relatively quiet as open face helmet
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Anti-microbial inner pads
  • Open face helmet with great ventilation
  • Seven different configuration possibilities
  • Budget prices helmet with 2 shell sizes
  • Best ventilated open face motorcycle helmet
  • Helmet with great material quality
  • Suitable for a long riding session
  • Sena headset accommodation
  • Different thickness cheek pads available in mag-9 accessories
  • Need bracket to install the SENA intercom

4. YEMA YM-926 Modular Motorcycle helmet

YEMA YM-926 modular motorcycle Helmet review

  • Available size: Small, Medium, Large, X-large, & 2X-large
  • Available color: Matte Black, White
  • Weight: 3.7 pound
  • ABS shell material
  • Multi-density EPS inner core
  • Impact & scratch resistant face shield
  • Quick-release shield mechanism
  • Drop down tinted visor
  • Red push button to flip up chin guard
  • Adjustable intake & exhaust vents openings
  • Circular Speaker pocket
  • Reinforce Chin strap with quick-release buckle
  • Washable inner padding
  • Extra space to accommodate glasses
  • Chin curtain
  • Laser-cut inner cheek pads to isolate ears from wind noise
  • DOT FMVSS 218 certified
Ride impressions

I tested this helmet in large size for my 23″ head circumference. It looks amazing on my head. As a street biker, this ventilated helmet has all those features that I need for a comfortable ride. For the price, its advanced technology impressed me. Moreover, I found it equally suitable for men and women. This YEMA YM-926 is an updated version of the YM-925 with the same price tag. However, as compared to YM-925, this helmet has better ventilation and build quality. Moreover, its outer surface finishing looks better than some other expensive helmets.

 Innovative design with Flip-up chin guard 

This modular or flip-up helmet allows easy switching between full-face and open-face helmets. During the test ride, I used both options interchangeably. I found its open-face mode very effective in hot weather conditions. Up to 25 mph speed its open-face mode doesn’t cause any discomfort. But at a higher speed (more than 40 mph) its open-face mode becomes very noisy and feels uncomfortable. However, when I try full-face mode at this speed then this helmet again proves to be comfortable and ventilated. At high speed, there is wind noise but not up to an uncomfortable level.

 Helmet with dual face shield 

Its outer face shield is integrated with a quick-release mechanism. You don’t need any tool to remove or reinstall it. However, for the inner tinted visor, there is a Red flip lever. During the ride, this red lever is easy to find and flappable even with a gloved hand. After drop-down, Its Inner tinted visor protected my eyes perfectly from the glare of sunlight. I am completely satisfied with it.

To feel a breeze on my face I rode with the outer shield up and the inner tinted shield down without any discomfort. However, to keep this helmet visor fog-free I adjusted its outer shield in a slightly open position. This adjustment lets plenty of air in by keeping dust and insects out of my eyes. I am also using this settlement to enjoy breezing through fresh air at high speed. According to the manufacturer, this scratch-resistant outer shield also adds value to your safety by giving good impact resistance in any event of an accident.

 Adjustable vent openings can control the inside temperature of the helmet 

To control airflow inside the helmet, I adjusted its 2 intakes and one exhaust vent during test ride. These vent positions are strategically designed that keeps my head cool efficiently even in full-face mode. I rate it best ventilated motorcycle helmet after testing at 40’C temperature.

 Comfortable helmet with satisfactory protection level 

After wearing this helmet I feel it very safe and comfortable. I did not find any compromise regarding safety in this helmet. This DOT-approved crash helmet has a dual-density EPS core to address different speed impact forces. Moreover, the helmet’s outer ABS shell is not only lightweight but also has excellent heat, chemical, and impact-resistant properties. I felt this helmet secure and comfortable after reinforcing its chin strap. Moreover, Its soft lazar-cut cheek pads also help to maintain sung fit. Overall it is the best budget ventilated motorbike helmet.

 Other features 

To keep this helmet clean and fresh you can wash the helmet’s inner padding. If I share my experience, It washed pads after putting them again in the helmet give me the same sung fit.
After removing the inner face padding you will find 2 circular areas to put the Bluetooth handset communication system.
Last but not least, its chin curtain helps to keep dirt from going into the visor area. It also keeps my breath from face shield fogging. Moreover, It also helps to keep wind noise out of this helmet. It is one of the best Ventilated motorcycle helmets by being the cheapest among the other product we have reviewed.

  • Smooth switching operation between full face and open face
  • Wider view area
  • Budget helmet with great ventilation
  • Comfortable, stylish, and low wind noise
  • Eyeglass friendly
  • Secure fitting
  • Easy to wear
  • Adjustable vent openings
  • Best vented motorcycle helmet
  • Quick-release buckle easy to manipulate
  • There is no lock for the outer face shield
  • The outer shield does not have anti-fogging property

5. BELL Qualifier Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

BELL Qualifier Full face motorcycle Helmet review

  • Available size: X-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large
  • 17 different colors & graphic design option
  • Weight: 1.6-4.8 pound depending on the size
  • Polycarbonate shell material
  • EPS inner core
  • Scratch resistant, anti-fog face shield
  • Quick-release shield mechanism
  • Aerodynamic design with adjustable vents openings
  • Wind collar cheek pads to reduce wind noise
  • Integrated Speaker pocket
  • Chinstrap with D-ring buckle
  • Anti-microbial Removable inner padding
  • DOT certified
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
Prominent Features

If you want a helmet that allows you to ride every day for hours then Bell Qualifier is the best option. Its aerodynamic shell design enables you to enjoy a smooth ride regardless of speed. This helmet has good control over wind noise as well as the ventilation system. During testing at high speed, I feel like air hitting on my head so I close vent openings but at slow speed, its wide vent openings keep my head cool. I did not feel any temperature difference between the helmet interior and environmental temperature. Moreover, there is no visor fog up issue even with close vents.

 Its quick-release shield mechanism is very convenient for shade switching 

Thanks to the quick-release shield mechanism which makes this helmet adaptable to different environmental conditions. There is a range of shield color options available in bell qualifier accessories but this helmet comes with a clear shield and you have to purchase other shades separately for 40$.

Moreover, the qualifier face shield has anti-glare and anti-fogging properties. It protects your eyes from UV rays. Furthermore, this durable shield also gives good resistance to any scratch. But according to our expert opinion, you should replace it after 6 months of continuous use.

 Strategically position air vent all around the shell keep you cool in sunny ride 

This aerodynamical design helmet has 8 vent openings to intake cool air into the helmet and exhaust hot air through back vents. These vents are placed at the top, back, and front of the helmet. You can get total control over airflow around your face and head by adjusting 2 front and 2 top vents opening. During the test, I experienced good airflow at 35mph but for 70mph I feel the need to close the vent opening. Overall, we rated this helmet as the best full face ventilated motorcycle helmet.

 Inside padding is designed to grip your face perfectly 

Its 3D laser-cut contoured cheek pads fit with your face perfectly with no effort at all. There is no air passage between cheek pads and your face. Moreover, these cheek pads isolate your ears from wind and road noise.

You can also remove all inner padding of this helmet for washing purposes. This anti-microbial padding also has an excellent ability to absorb sweat without giving any smell. If I share my experience it inside pads give a little press against my face but it did not cause any discomfort. Moreover, I feel no problem in wearing ordinary glasses with the helmet.

 DOT certified secure helmet 

In the event of a crash helmet outer polycarbonate shell is strong and durable enough to reduce the effect of collision. Moreover, its ultra-lightweight EPS inner core has excellent shock absorption properties. This EPS inner core after being covered with a polycarbonate shell can dissipate impact forces efficiently. I don’t meet any accidents with this helmet but its DOT certification proves it safe for motorcycle riding.

 You can also add a Bluetooth system to this helmet 

I did not try it but according to the manufacture, you can install a Bluetooth handset communication system into this helmet. Sena 20s EVO works fine with this helmet. You just need to remove some padding and put it back once you install the communication system.

  • Helmet can keep wind noise out
  • Great quality helmet for the price
  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • Best vented motorcycle helmet
  • Aerodynamic design has no buffering at high speed
  • Clear visor with improve visibility
  • Multi-click position for face shield
  • Adjustable vent openings
  • Removable and washable inner padding
  • Perfect for entry-level riders
  • You can wear Ordinary glasses with this helmet
  • The face shield does not have any lock
  • Very basic shell design
  • No tinted visor in accessories but sold separately

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What are the easiest ways to make motorcycle helmets quieter?

If your helmet fails to counter wind noise at high speed then the use of earplugs or earmuffs is the best and cheapest option. You can also replace earplugs with earbuds to enjoy music. Moreover, adding fleece around the ear between the cheeks pads is also an effective way to filter out wind noise. You can also install a neck roll and chin curtain in your helmet to minimize the wind noise effect.  

Is Shoei Neotec II a good ventilated helmet?

Neotec II is one of the best and most comfortable motorcycle helmets that Shoei has ever designed. This helmet model has a fully controlled ventilation system. Many bikers have also rated it a very quiet helmet even at high speed. This aerodynamical design helmet feels lightweight and stable at racing speed. It has almost all the features that a good ventilation helmet must have. P/J also approved this helmet as equally safe in both open-face and full-face mode. According to our survey report, In event of the crash helmet also saved many people’s life.


What is the coolest modular helmet?

LS2 valiant II is the unique modular helmet in the entire market. it is very convenient to switch between half and full-face mode. You can securely place its chin bar at 180’ on its back without disturbing overall helmet balance. This helmet gives a complete look of a half-face helmet when you park its chin bar in the back of the helmet. Our expert also rated it a quiet ventilated helmet. Its premium built quality make it popular among modular helmet lovers.


We carefully distinguish these 5 best ventilated motorcycle helmets after researched and testing. I specify every helmet with its pros and cons. All of these are highly beneficial and best-selling motorcycle helmets and known for their persistence & comfort. This article will help you to pick the helmet that most accurately dresses your riding needs. If I share my experience my favorite motorbike helmet among these is LS2 Valiant II ModularIt best suits my taste and requirements. And I hope after reading this article, you have found your best ventilated road bike helmet.

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