How To Carry An Extra Helmet On a Motorcycle? 10 Handy Ways

Riding on the bike has become the most dangerous ride nowadays. Most of the accidents on the roads are happening due to mistakes of bike riders. Despite being a dangerous ride, people don’t wear a helmet that protects your head (the most sensitive part of your body). I am a bike lover and have been riding since 2010 and always wear a helmet first before sitting on my bike.

Sometimes I have to ride with my friends or anyone else on the same bike. In this case, there is nothing available like a helmet for their safety. By observing this situation, I concluded that there must be an extra helmet on the bike. But many people don’t know how to carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle. I have written this article to make people aware of how to carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle?

After going through this article, you will be damn clear about different ways to carry an extra helmet with you while riding a motorcycle.

10 Ways To Carry a Spare Helmet On A Motorcycle

Cargo net: A well-woven net of elastic cords with multiple hooks is a great thing for this purpose. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is quite easy to use this net by simple putting the helmet on the cargo net in the pillion seat and fix it with the help of the hooks. For tight fitness, the size of the helmet must be small. The strings must also be completely attached to it to keep the helmet from slipping.

Some people don’t want to use hooks as they could scratch the paint of the helmet. In this case, you can remove the seat and hooked one side of the cargo at the back seat. Now, put the helmet on the net and stretch it over the helmet and hooked it at various points like the rear footpeg and tail sub-frames spool. But the motorcycle must be equipped with these points.

Under passenger seat: Many motorcycles have helmet hooks under the passenger seat. You can easily utilize it by attaching the D-ring of the helmet with the hook and keep it on the side for securing a seat. In this case, the helmet might move around and could scratch your paint. It is better to keep a soft cloth under it.

How to carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle a small bag

Backrest: If the motorcycle helmet has a good backrest, then you can easily keep an extra helmet with you. You can adjust the helmet with the help of a strap. It might move around while riding but you can also tightly fix it with the help of a bungee cord.

Carrier strap: There are carrier straps available on amazon like nylon made caddy straps having two D-rings at the one end is a great thing for carrying an extra helmet with you. You just need to remove your rear seat and attach the caddy strap with it. After that, you need to place the helmet on it and attach it firmly with the help of D-rings.

Arm carrying: If there is no other way to carry a helmet with you, then you can also put it on your arms and go on the ride. In this case, you just need to hook the chin straps together and put the helmet up to your elbow. However, it is not the safest option and is also not reliable for a long distance. It might hamper your agility to control the bike. There might be a risk of accident or bruises on your arm. So, do it at your own risk.

How to carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle a small bag

Backpacking: Someone who travels occasionally also has a motorcycle backpack which is a great thing for storing an extra thing. You can also store an extra helmet in this storage. The weight of the helmet is also not an issue nowadays and there would not be any burden on you. There might be an issue in carrying a bulky size full-face helmet but still, it is a highly viable method for carrying an extra helmet with you.

Lidlash helmet bag: A lid lash helmet bag could also be a great thing for carrying an extra helmet with you. It is a bag with straps. You just need to put your helmet in the bag and fix it with the help of straps attached to the bag. You can easily keep the helmet at the top of the seat.

How to carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle a small bagSaddlebags: Saddlebags are great things in this regard. These bags are quite large enough to fix your helmet in them. It doesn’t matter which kind of bag you are using if it is big enough then it is ok to go with it. However, with the smaller saddlebags, it is extremely difficult to carry a full-face helmet with you. For instance, I have purchased a SWmotech saddlebag. Its opening was not enough to fit a full-face helmet in it.

Tail bag: Simple if you don’t know how to carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle, purchase a hard shell top case or a tail bag. It is a great thing for carrying an extra helmet as well as getting an extra level of comfort with you. It is also a perfect backrest if you have to carry an extra passenger with you. In this case, you also don’t need to worry about carrying a full-face helmet. A full-face helmet is also easily adjustable in the tail bag. The most important benefit of the tail bag is the security of the hardshell case as it can be locked easily.

Elastic strap: The elastic strap is also a great thing for carrying an extra helmet with you. It largely resembles the cargo net but it comes with two hooks rather than one. you just need to tighten the helmet with the help of its four straps and hooks attached with it. You can also change the style of helmet carrying with you in this method.

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How to carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle has become a hot issue. People want to learn some quick and easy ways. We have suggested above some of the best ways you can adopt. There is no shortcut in life and you should only rely on a reasonable way. A helmet is essential for your safety and you should never take it lightly. Normally, people at the driving seat wear helmet but the people who sit on the back seat take it lightly and don’t wear it in a routine. By observing the daily accidents on the roads, it is extremely important to carry an extra helmet with you for the passenger at the back seat and keep you and your riding partner safe from any untoward incident.

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