How To Keep Rain Off Motorcycle Helmet Visor ? 10 Best Hacks

Rainy season brings many problems for the riders especially regular riders. Being much cheapest source of a ride, you cannot avoid motorcycle riding. In the rainy season, you have to face many issues in the form of smoke, fog, etc. These things make the visibility from the helmet visor very poor. Sometimes, you have to stop again and again for clearing your helmet visor. It takes a lot of time and also makes your ride miserable. This kind of situation demands that you must know how to keep rain off motorcycle helmet visor.

The rain also challenges safety in the form of a helmet. The helmet becomes the source of trouble rather than a source of safety. In the rainy season, the roads become also more slippery and you might face an accident on the road if you could not see clearly on the road. Sometimes, people go on a long ride on their motorcycle and they have to face various kinds of weather.

By going through and closely observing all of the above-mentioned situations, we have concluded that it is better to devise ways for keeping the rain off motorcycle helmet visors because it is essential to keep both the rider and other people safe on the road.

This article has been written after several hours of research and personal life experiences and it will comprehensively let you know how to keep rain off motorcycle helmet visor.


10 Ways To Keep The Rain Off Motorcycle Helmet Visor?

These are some of the most useful methods and already applied methods in our daily life.

  1. Pin lock

If you are ready to make some little bit extra investment on your helmet, then the pin lock is the best option you can avail yourself of. It has been highly helpful in keeping the helmet visor clear from rain splash and fog. You can easily mount it on any helmet if it comes with two holes on the visor. It might be expensive but it is highly recommended. I don’t forget whenever I go on the ride.

  1. Keep the visor clean

Rainwater always stays around the dirt or grime. It greatly reduces visibility. Sometimes, the riders try to clean the visor while riding on the road. This could be dangerous. you must always buy the visor cleaning kit along with the helmet and keep it clean when you are going for a ride.

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  1. Water Repellants spray

Water repellants are also a great barrier against raindrops. It interacts with water drops like oil and keeps it away from the helmet visor. Another beauty of these repellents is their portability as you can easily take them wherever you want. some of the excellent water repellants are Rain-X and pledge, etc.

  1. Winter gloves

Winter gloves are specially designed for this purpose. These winter gloves come with a squeegee attached to the fingers of these gloves. You can easily wipe the helmet with an open hand and keep it clean whenever rain comes to it.

  1. Leather cloth

If you don’t want to spend money, then the best option you can avail is the soft leather cloth. These are highly good for cleaning the visor and at the same time keeping the rain away from the helmet visor. Most of the regular riders always keep the leather cloth in their bike whenever they go for a ride.

Chamois leather is a widely known thing, especially for this purpose. Due to its highly drying and absorption properties, it is used for drying and buffing vehicles surfaces. The most important thing is the elasticity of this material which makes it available for an extended period. It is also not an expensive material and you can use it for instant drying of the helmet visor.

  1. Potato rubbing

Potato rubbing could be a great thing in this regard as it also keeps the water from the surface. This method might not be very much effective if there is heavy rain. But in the normal case, it is a great way to keep the water away from the visor.

  1. Protection film coating

The protection of the helmet visor with the help of coating on it could also be a great experience. It makes it waterproof as well as dustproof for a while and keeps it neat and clean for a longer period.

  1. Helmet quality

The quality of the helmet also matters a lot in this case as you have to face dust storms or heavy rain. As you know the quality of the visor wholly depends upon the quality of the helmet you are going to buy. So, always make a wise decision and buy a high-quality helmet. Cheap quality helmets would also be not good for general protection. As far as the cheap visor quality is concerned, the rain and dust could easily attack your helmet visor.

  1. A slight turn of the head

The slight turning of the head could also be useful in this regard. It is the simplest, rudimentary and most applied method to apply in this regard. It is the tried and test solution and would never let you down in any case. At the speed of 25 mph, you can easily apply this method by turning your head on either side of the wind.

In this case, you have to take your eyes off the road for the moment. That’s why this might be a not good method from the safety point of view. Before applying this method, you must assess the situation deeply.

  1. Prevent inside fogging

You must also keep the inside of the visor neat and clean. For this purpose, you must wear a bottleneck or a facemask. This will keep the heat expelling from your mouth away. Some helmets also come with built-in vents for fog prevention. By preventing this kind of fog, you can keep your vision crystal clear.

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Tips To Consider While Riding a Motorcycle In The Rain

Motorcycle riders have to face a lot of problems while riding in this condition. We are also going to highlight these problems and the special tips to get rid of these problems. Have a comprehensive look at these tips.

  • The tires of the bike must be in excellent condition. You must check its wear and tear regularly or whenever you go for a ride. There must be a layer of the grove on the tires as these are essential for the extra grip on the road. In the rainy season, these groves are highly helpful in keeping you safe from any kind of slippery like oil, water or any other liquid.
  • Check the brakes and clutch of the motorcycle as these are essential components of safety. Only a few minute check-up can save you from a lot of trouble during any accident.
  • Keep all the working parts in a fully lubricated condition as the lubrication is highly helpful for the good working of these parts.
  • Most importantly, ride smoothly and drive carefully whenever you are on the road. In this way, you don’t have to apply the brakes again and again and avoid the accident through slippery.
  • Always keep yourself smooth, and straight and alert while riding. If there is any kind of laziness or you are feeling sleepy then don’t go for any kind of ride especially in the rainy season.
  • In the end, we suggest you here, you must have an under glow light in the tires as these things could give you crystal clear vision on the road ahead of you.

If you don’t consider these measures of safety, then you might face an accident especially if you are riding in the winter season. So, always keep these measures in your mind before riding on the road.


Riding in the rainy season might be adventurous but it could also be dangerous at the same time as most of the people are dying in the world in road accidents. The precautionary measures are necessary even if you are on a real kind of adventure. So, you must take some essential protection measures before you are going for a ride. Some of the most specific measures and tips we have provided above. Have a cursory look at these measures.

Moreover, I have also provided detailed information about how to keep rain off motorcycle helmet visor. In this article, you have all the available possible options you can avail to keep the rain off the motorcycle helmet visor. Various options are available. you can either choose any liquid or some less expensive methods like leather cloth or gloves to keep the rain off the motorcycle helmet visor.

Thus, whatever, you choose. It’s now up to you but you must know that safety always comes first in this kind of situation.

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