How To Prevent Helmet Hair? Proven Hacks & Tips

The helmet is an essential element of safety whether you are going on a motorcycle or a cycle. It keeps your head safe, which is the most critical part of your body. However, there are several issues you have to face while wearing a helmet. The most typical problem with helmet wearing is that it makes your hair messy. Thus, it is challenging for you to remain presentable enough for the day ahead after riding a cycle or motorcycle.

We might buy a classy bike and a classy helmet, but our hairs will inevitably get tangled, untidy, and frizzy after wearing a helmet. You might get frustrated sometimes as you have to spend a lot of time styling your hair. You also have to face another problem if you have long hair. In this case, any strand of your hair might come in front of your eyes and might tease or distract you while riding. It could result in a severe accident. So, the helmet which is worn for the sake of safety will result in the injury.

To avoid all of these situations mentioned above, you must know how to prevent helmet hair after and before riding. In this regard, you must know how to maintain your helmet, so the strands would not get messy after removing the helmet. And you must also know that how to prevent your hairs from coming in front of your eyes while riding.

Being a significant problem while riding, we will give you handy tips to keep your hairs still looking badass despite wearing the helmet. All of these tips have been explained in detail after personally experiencing the situation.

What is the helmet hair?

It is the dreary, ruined, and flat look of your hair that you get after taking off your helmet. It does not matter what kind of helmet you are wearing. Whether it is a full-face, open-face, or a modular-type helmet, you have to face a helmet hair type situation after every ride.


How to prevent helmet hair?

We will mention some of the most beneficial tips to let you know how to avoid helmet hair. These are equally applicable to both men and women. Let’s have a look at these tips one by one.

How to prevent helmet hair for long hair

Change your hairstyle or haircut

The easiest thing you can do to keep yourself safe from helmet hair is to change your hairstyle. Now, there are several hairstyles available that are more conducive to wearing a helmet. These are not only modern but straightforward styles and are perfect for wearing a helmet. In most of these styles, you will get longer hair at the top and complete cutting from the sides.

For these styles, you put your helmet at the front side and move it gently back without messing with your hair. You can also have a dashing look while having a helmet-friendly haircut. You can style your hair for both casual and professional meet-ups.

Wearing head sock

Wearing a head sock or a knit skull cap under the helmet could be another option to keep your hairstyle safe. It might not be a cool option, but something is better than nothing. In this way, the hair would be at the same place where you have set. After riding, you just need a little bit of time for the settings of the hair.

Train hair

Sometimes the hair becomes set at one style when you continuously use the same style on your hair. The hair will get used to this style. When you take off your helmet, you can easily set this typical style by using your fingers. However, most of the styles are unachievable in this scenario.

Have a comb

The simple way to manage your hair in every kind of situation is with the help of a good comb. You can take it anywhere you want. I would say you must also have a small size mirror along with the comb. In this way, you can comb your hair within few minutes after completing your ride.

Use quality hair products

Invest in some hair products to keep your hair smooth, clean, and well-conditioned. But don’t use any product which is full of chemicals. Only use the products which have mild-intensity ingredients. The usage of chemicals could weaken the inner lining of the hairs, and resultantly hair fall occurs.

Use only modular type helmet ( best way to prevent helmet hair )

The type of helmet you are using for this purpose also has a significant impact on hair. The full-face helmets are not considered good in this regard. These might be good for protection but not for hairs. Instead, it would be best to use modular type helmets as these helmets have a combination of features of both the full-face and open-face helmet.

Ponytail or braid styling

The specific kind of hairstyling could also have a significant impact on this kind of helmet-wearing technique. If you have long hair, then you must style it like a ponytail or braid. In this kind of styling, the hair strands must not have any loose end as it could disturb your whole strategy. It keeps the hairs from tangling. If there is any open-end, use the bobby pins for sound settings. This strategy will maintain your hairstyle, and it would also help keep your hair from coming to your face.

Use only dry helmet

The helmet you are using must be in complete drying condition. So, always keep the helmet in the driest place. In this way, the helmet will always be in shape, and you can use it whenever you are going for a ride.

Making bun

By making a bun of the hairs, you can also prevent them from being untidy. You can get more awesome results if you also put a silk-made headscarf on the bun. It would keep the bun neat and don’t let the helmet disturb any strand of the hair. The silk scarf moves with the helmet, and don’t let it loose and freely moved. In this way, you can keep your hair smooth and fresh after the ride.

The good lining of the helmet

Many people face the issues of loose hairs, which again and again comes in the eyes. The liner of the helmet is a great thing to prevent this kind of movement. While wearing a helmet, you must have your hair exactly under the liner. It would keep the hairs in shape after riding.

Shaved the head

Head shaving is the easiest way to keep yourself away from this kind of confusion. A shaved head has also become a fashion nowadays. So, you must do it both as a fashion and as a source of facilitation in wearing a helmet.

Usage of dry shampoo

If you are looking for a quick solution on a guide (how to prevent helmet hair), you can also use dry shampoo, which has proved to be great for the riders. All the riders have to face sweating issues after riding. The dry will prevent sweating and also keeps your hair fresh and smooth. It is also being used by the general public other than the riders.

Usage of hairspray or hair oil

People are generally anxious about their hair when they ride on a long route or have to ride more often in the daily routine. For this kind of safety, use hairspray or hair oil and take a shower whenever you are finished riding.

How to prevent helmet hair with short hair?

The short hairs are pretty easy to manage while riding a bike. Many women have also now opted for short hairs to keep their riding passion alive. However, you also need to have a helmet-friendly haircut, even if you have short hair.

Helmet friendly hairstyles

Set your hairstyle, which should probably stay the same once you take off your helmet. For this purpose, you can also try gel or mist sprays to keep the hairs in their place once you have finished riding. The hair products would provide not only balance but also smoothness.

Embrace the casual look

Some people usually prefer to have a casual look. For them, wearing a helmet must not be any problem. They need to finish their ride and set the hairs with the help of their hands. They must embrace this look. The casual look is also trending nowadays.

Be creative

You can also use some creative accessories to keep your hair intact. Some of these accessories like hair bands, bandanas, and wide headbands are very common nowadays. These will keep the hairs in their place and prevent them from coming in front of your face.

Invest in a ventilated helmet

By making a good investment in comfort and a well-ventilated helmet, you can get rid of this problem. This kind of helmet will reduce humidity as well moisture in your hair. These are the most significant reasons behind the frizz in the hairs. You can get fresh, smooth, and sweat-free hairs at the end.

Important Tips

Here we would provide you some extra tips on how to prevent helmet hair with short hair. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

  • Apply a mist of hairspray and then a bandana before wearing the helmet.
  • Keep some accessories like traveling straighter, comb, and curling rod with you.
  • Use fabric hairbands rather than rubber bands.
  • Use a thin cap under the helmet to keep the hairs safe from friction.
  • Keep your hair a little bit hydrated.
  • If you are bald, then always prefer helmet liners.
  • Have a French braid with short hair. It would keep your hair flat and trendy.
  • If you want a perfect hairstyle after a ride, keep good hairstyling products and accessories.
  • Airhead is another great discovery. It is a star-shaped hood that is put on your head before wearing a helmet.
  • Lastly, you must ensure that your helmet is fully fit but not over-tighten on your head.

Wrap up

Helmet hair has become a serious problem nowadays, especially if you ride regularly. Here in this guide, we have provided all the valuable tips on how to prevent helmet hair. By following these tips, you can easily manage your hair. However, if hair management has become a severe problem for you, you must also set a short hairstyle for you as it is pretty easy to manage compared to long hair.

In this guide, we have provided a solution for both long and short hairs. You can follow whichever suits you best. You need to follow these procedures and have an elegant look for you. Lastly, we would advise you never to avoid helmets in fear of helmet hair. The helmet is an essential element of safety in our safety. You must never ignore this critical component of safety. Always ride with a helmet because safety must be our first priority.

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