How To Wash Motorcycle Helmet Pads ? The Best Way

Helmets seem to be the most important component of safety if you are riding on a two-wheeler. It keeps you safe from a number of dangerous things like rain, mud, heat waves, hurricanes, insects, etc. The skull, being the most critical part of your body, should always keep in a safe environment. Whenever any accident occurs, the outer shell of the helmet crushes first and lessen the impact on your delicate brain. On the inside of the helmet, the pads also make you comfortable by absorbing your sweat and keeping the noise limit as low as possible.

All of this means that you must keep both the interior and exterior parts of your helmet neat and clean as these things are a lot about you. The exterior parts should be polished regularly. Special care should be given to the delicate parts especially the visor. The interior of the helmet has its delicacies. The inside liner has intimate contact with your face and scalp and it also absorbs your oil and sweat. Thus, you must keep it clean and dry. Another equally important interior part of the helmet is its inside pads. These are needed to wash regularly. But most people don’t know how to wash motorcycle helmet pads.

In this article, we would provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to wash motorcycle helmet pads.

Step By Step Guide On How To Wash Motorcycle Helmet Pads

All the steps would be explained in a brief but comprehensible tone. Let’s have a look at this guide.

Pulling out interior

First of all, you must pull all the interior elements of the helmet like liner, pads, etc out with the proper method. You must pay close attention to this process as you also have to put them back after washing these components. It might be a little bit confusing while putting them back together. Wash them with the mild laundry detergent or you can also hand wash these things.


You must also add some additives like mild or baby shampoo, slush, detergent, or any mild washing powder. The powder must be scentless as the scent could irritate you while riding. In case of additives, you must add vinegar to the solution. It acts as an anti-bacterial and also keeps the fabric soft. Vinegar is a great thing for cutting through the funk. After doing this, you will not feel any kind of smell.


After that take out the components and put them in the tub for the final touch. First, you must give them a general rinse of water. After that gently rinse it with the help of lukewarm water.


After rinsing the components, let these things dry in the open air. It is better to keep them under the sun for thorough drying.

Pillowcase method

You can tie the helmet interiors with the pillowcase to keep them safe from wear and tear while washing and drying in the machine.

Open-air method

Put the helmet in the open-air grass and let the hose run through the helmet. After that keep it open air for drying or you can speed up the drying process with the help of a blowing fan.

Hand washing

If you don’t want to wash the helmet pads in the washing machine, you can also wash them by hand. You can hand wash the pads in the sink. In this regard, you must completely soak the pads inside the washing solution. After that press them and let all the water and soap solution out from the pads as much as possible. After that, you must follow the same procedure for drying as has been mentioned above.

Washing pads inside the helmet

You can also wash the pads inside the helmet. If you think, the pads might get damaged when you put them inside the washing machine or dryer. In this case, you must adopt this method. In this case, take a small tub of plastic and add some washing solution. Put the helmet inside the solution. Keep flowing the water until all the grimes of dirt stop coming from the water.

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After that rinse it under the tap of water for a few minutes until no soap is coming with the water. Repeat the rinsing several times with the help of clean water. After that wringing all the sponges out.

For speeding up the process, you can also use a fan for blowing air across the helmet while washing. You can also adopt this process for speeding up the drying process.

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Several methods of how to clean a motorcycle helmet thoroughly have been explained above. These are simple methods but a lot of delicacies are involved as the helmet is a quite expensive product. You must take extra care of this process.

Overall, the best and the easiest way to clean the motorcycle helmet is by removing the interiors like padding, liners, etc and placing them inside a mesh garment bag. After that, you can rinse it through a soapy solution or just clean water.

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