Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding helmet Review 2022

If you are searching for the most reliable welding helmet then this Lincoln Viking 3350 proves to be one of the best helmets in the market. It has so many useful features which you can rarely be found in other helmets. Lincoln Viking 3350 has become the best choice for beginner and professional welders because this helmet is the ultimate blend of comfort, best optics, and protection. As far as welding is concerned, this article will give you the best Lincoln Viking 3350 review with its plus and negative points.


Lincoln Viking 3350 Review – Positive And Negative Points

This helmet is highly known for the best optical clarity due to 4C technology. Visibility and clarity is the most critical feature of a welding helmet. This helmet also provides a wide view area. Its lightweight and durable material has a unique design that makes this helmet comfortable to wear. Apart from that, its long battery life, separate grind button and 4 arc sensors of the best quality make it one of the best helmets in the market. This Lincoln Viking 3350 Review gives you an in-depth analysis of all its features.
Lincoln Viking 3350 Review
Specifications and Features
  • Viewing area: 3.74″ x 3.34″
  • 4C lens technology
  • Shade range: DIN5-13 with internal control
  • Grinding mode shade DIN3.5: With external control button
  • Optical clarity: 1/1/1/1
  • Switching time: 1/25, 000 sec
  • Adjustable sensitivity and delay setting
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Material: Durable Plastic Material
  • Sensors: 4
  • Comfortable X6 headgear
  • Battery: 2 CR5 batteries
  • Had hat adoptable
  • Magnify lens adoptable
  • Come with helmet beg, lenses, sticker, and bandana
  • Shell design comes in 15 different graphic
  • 3-year warranty

What Makes This Lincoln 3350 Helmet Unique From All Other Helmets?

As a professional welder, I have used many auto-dark welding helmets but I found the following unique features in the Lincoln 3350 as compared to other helmets.

 1. Large View Area 

“Lincoln 3350’s Large view area of 12.5 sq. in provides optimal visibility, you don’t need to move your head to keep track along the welding joint.”

View area is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a welding helmet. A large view area allows welder, not only to work more conveniently but also to enhance welder productivity. Lincoln 3350’s large view area allows you to work faster and more efficiently, especially where a high level of accuracy is required. Moreover, its large view area helps you in covering more areas during the welding process and makes your work easy.

A large view area gives you a great view field in every position. So, Lincoln 3350 large view area is especially beneficial for beginners because it allows them to focus more on welding instead of trying to find the right position to see.

 2. Optical Clarity 

“Lincoln Viking 3350 lens has the highest optical clarity rating (1∕1∕1 ∕1).”

Its top optical clarity ensures a clear view and a secure welding process. The desired outcome of welding quality can only be achieved with a crystal-clear view. And Lincoln 3350 helmet offers crystal-clear clarity at all times. Moreover, the welder’s performance significantly relies on view area clarity during the precise welding process. So, the high visual clarity of Lincoln 3350 makes the welding process more convenient for a welder to attain the best results.

Its cartridge got the highest EN379 rating (1∕1∕1 ∕1) after being tested in four categories, which are optical clarity, distortion elimination, shade uniformity, and consistent shade at all angle.

Viewing your weld through Lincoln Viking 3350 quality lens not only protect your eyes but also can allow your eyes to work longer without any eye strain.

 3. Latest 4C Technology 

“The latest 4C lens technology in the Lincoln 3350 series takes helmet optical clarity to a new level by minimizing lime green coloring.”

With the evolution of technology, all companies in the welding industry are trying to improve their ADF lens quality. And 4C is the latest lens technology that helps you in getting a natural view during welding with complete protection of eyes. 4C technology is a combination of these four unique features.

4c technology Explanantion

  • Clarity– Optical clarity 1/1/1/1
  • Color– Real color view
  • Carat– Lighter weight
  • Cut– Consistent shade from any angle.

4C lens technology uses a liquid crystal display that replaces the traditional green color spectrum into a real color view.

So, Lincoln 3350 large view area with 4C technology enables you to not only see well but also see more. This best of best visibility minimizes your eye strain and enhances your control over the welding area.

 4. Sensitivity and Shades 

“In Lincoln 3350 you have better control over the sensitivity and delay setting. You can also fix one shade or use multiple shades 5-13 option according to the job requirement.”

Lincoln 3350 has a very fast speed of shade shifting from Light to dark (sensitivity) in 0.00004 seconds. It means the helmet is very responsive and makes sure your eyes can never be exposed to intense lighting. Moreover, you can adjust the sensitivity according to the indoor or outdoor lighting situation. Sensitivity determines the amount of light required to the active auto-dark filter of the helmet. So, make adjustments in such a way that the lens responds with the change in light but the lens should not be adjusted too sensitively that it gives shade change for a very small change in light.

And dark to light shade shifting speed (delay time) can be within 0.1-1 sec. Delay time prevents you from being flashed when blockage of sensors occurs for a moment. So, when you work in an excessive obstructed area then set a slow delay time speed.

In Lincoln 3350, you can fix one shade, let’s say #10, then the lens always switches to shade 10 when the sensor detects arc light. Fix shade option is useful for a specific welding process at fix amperage. If you select a variable shade #5-13 option then your helmet can adjust to any type of welding process. The welder can use a variable shade option to work on any type of material. This mode protects welder eyes in any circumstances.

The control is located inside the hood with simple dial knobs. You can make very fine adjustments a lot faster and easier than the push button of digital controls.

 5. Reliable Arc Sensors 

“Lincoln Viking 3350 has very responsive 4 arc sensors which make it suitable for welding in the highly obstructive area.”

If you need to do a welding job in a highly obstructive area then Lincoln 3350 is the best choice. It has 4 arc sensors at the right place to constantly monitor the area in front of your face. If one or more sensors get blocked then others are there to respond.

One of the unique features of this helmet is that its sensors are very reliable. They don’t make false shade switching even when using outside in the sunlight.

 6. Outside Grinding Button 

“The outside grinding button on the upper left side of the welding helmet is easy to operate with a gloved hand during welding.”

As you know grinding is a necessary part of the welding process. Mostly grinding is required in pre & post-weld treatment. So, a good welding helmet must offer a grind mode. You don’t need dark shade 9-13 during grinding. So, grinding mode allows you to do work with standard light vision. In this way, the same welding helmet can ensure your safety during grinding.

In the 2019 update, the grinding button is shifted to the upper left side of the shell. The outside grinding button is easy to operate when you want. You have to hold it down for a few seconds to activate. So, it isn’t likely to activate accidentally.

You can operate it with your gloved hand keeping the helmet down, which is very handy. Moreover, the internal LED light flashes briefly every few seconds to remind you that grinding mode is activated. This LED flash does not divert your attention but just right to maintain your awareness.

 7. Wide Shade Range 

“Lincoln Viking 3350 offers a wide shade range from 5-13 which makes it versatile for TIG, MIG, stick & plasma welding, grinding, and plasma cutting.”

Arc brightness depends on current amperage. If brighter the arc then the darker the shade is needed to protect your eyes. So, the given table tells you the required shade range, according to amperage, needed for a specific type of welding.

Type of WeldingArc Current in Amperes Shade Number Required
Plasma welding1-30 amp6-10
TIG welding2-200 amp7-13
Stick welding20-450 amp9-13
MIG welding50-500 amp10-13
Plasma cutting70-400 amp11-13

As you see for all types of welding and cutting applications required shade number is from 6-13. Lincoln Viking 3350 offers shades range from 5-13 which makes it suitable for all types of welding and other applications. Shade #5 offers a standard light vision that is used to inspect welding and grinding. Moreover, It does not allow shade flickering while you’re doing low-amp TIG welds.

 8. X6 Headgear 

“This helmet has amazing X6 headgear which establishes 6 contact points with your head to distribute weight, eliminate pressure, and maximize comfort.”

Lincoln Viking 3350 headgear partsThe Head retention system of every welding helmet plays an important role in the comfort level of the user.

Lack of comfort level affects the welder’s efficiency and results in a poor quality of the weld. But the comfort level of the Lincoln Viking 3350 is more than fascinating. Its X6 headgear makes it very comfortable to wear. Lincoln 3350 has become the ideal choice for those who need to wear the helmet for a long time.

X6 headgear is comfortable because of its following six different functions:

  • Slide adjustment for a personalized fit
  • Flexible, padded front headband eliminates pressure
  • Vertical position hinge keeps the helmet out of your sightline
  • Adjustable resting position
  • The flexible and comfortable support of the back pad
  • Innovative firm fit

In Viking 3350 you can also adjust the distance of the shield from your face. This helps to ensure maximum visibility, proper ventilation, and room for eyeglasses. Lincoln Viking 3350 review is based on professional experience.

 9. Space For Magnifying Lens 

“You can also put a magnifying lens in Lincoln electric Viking 3350.”

All Lincoln hoods have magnifying lenses available for them. By using the magnifying lens you have the ability to use the zoom feature. And you can focus accurately on the welding area. Magnify lens can help you to continue better workflow by saving time needed for double-checking and inspection.

 10. Cr5 Batteries and Solar Cell 

“Lincoln Viking 3350 comes with 2 CR5 batteries with the solar assist which are easy to find and cheap to replace.”

The expected time of battery life is about 6 months of daily use. In the 2019 update, there was some improvement made in the ADF circuit which results in less consumption of energy and enhances battery life. Moreover, there is a solar cell to assist battery charging during outdoor welding in sunlight.

These high-quality batteries are perfect for long hour projects that require constant workflow.

 11. Different Graphics Options 

“Lincoln Viking 3350 series shell design comes in 15 different graphics to match your choice.”

Different graphic choices of viking 3350

 12. Shell Durability and Safety Hat Adaptability 

“Shell is made of durable material and also easily adaptable by the hard safety hat.”

Its shell material is durable enough that it can protect your face from the impact of flying objects during welding and grinding. It can stand against a steel ball (0.25-inch diameter) hit with a velocity of 7 m/s.

If your workplace has the hazard of falling objects then you can integrate this shell with a hard safety hat. This feature is very supportive when you have to do a welding job on the construction site.

 13. Safety and Technical Standards Compliant 

“Lincoln Viking 3350 meets all safety and technical standards ANSI Z87.1, CSA Z 94.3, EN 379.”

ANSI Z87.1 is the most recent safety standard for helmets. According to these standards:

  • A helmet should operate well according to advertisement between temperature ranges from 23°F to 131°F.
  • A shell should stand against a steel ball ( 0.25-inch diameter) hit with a velocity of 7 m/s.
  • Lens has to be 2 mm thick to resist such impact.
  • Provide 100% UV and IR filtering.

 14. Warranty 

“Lincoln Viking 3350 comes with a 3-year warranty which shows Lincoln confidence in this model.”

 15. Extras 

“It comes with a helmet bag, 5 outside cover lenses, 2 inside cover lenses, and a sticker sheet.”

What is bad in Lincoln Viking 3350?

Lincoln Viking 3350 review cannot be complete without highlighting some flaws about which users have usually complained. As we all known “nothing is perfect in this world”. So every product has some drawbacks. As a wise man, our choice must be such products which suit us well and their disadvantages do not affect us.

  • The price is a bit high for a workshop welder.
  • Shell shape does not have extended throat protection.
  • Some users have an issue with headgear adjustment.
  • You can also get backlight when the sun position is directly behind the welder
  • Because of the large view screen, this helmet is a bit heavier than others.

Find some of the Best Welding Helmet in the market rather than this masterpiece.


Lincoln Viking 3350 welding helmet is highly recommended if you are searching for the best helmet for every type of welding. It will provide you perfect clarity, great versatility, and amazing comfort. No matter you are a professional welder or a beginner it will give you the best value for your money as compared to any other welding helmet. This Lincoln high-end product is unbeatable when it comes to clarity, comfort, versatility, and durability. I am sure this Lincoln Viking 3350 review helps them a lot who are searching for the most reliable welding helmet.

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