Helmet Adviser’s Student Scholarships

One Scholarship of $500 will be awarded twice a year to creative and motivated students. This Scholarship is for those who are pursuing their studies at the level of High school senior, undergraduate college/university students, and last but not least want to make this world a better and sustainable place.

Our Program

Helmetadviser offers a scholarship of worth $500, one for fall and one for spring who are pursuing a degree related to studies mentioned in our eligibility criteria. To participate in and win this $500 scholarship, all you need to do is write a short essay and show us your true potential.

Candidate has to submit your essay no later than midnight on 25th October to be eligible for the spring semester scholarship and the deadline for fall semester scholarship is 20th June. The winner for each semester scholarship will be announced four weeks after the deadline for the respective Semester scholarship.

Our Goal

The primary goal of Helmetadviser scholarship is to raise awareness of Global Warming among the new generation to come. As it has become a grave problem and needs undivided attention for the sake of the human race. That’s we take this initiative to give Scholarship for the student to get them to involve and get to know their unique ideas. However, the secondary purpose of this Scholarship is to provide college and university students with an opportunity to earn some money for further education and achieve their goal.

Scholarship Entry Requirements

Carefully research and compose an essay on a topic related to Environmental science, sustainable and Green Energy, Land management, Emission controls, Arts projects, etc. We are giving a free hand to choose the topic of your interest.

Some topics perhaps are.

  • Impact of global warming on agriculture in the United States of America
  • How climate change will impact the USA economy
  • What steps are underway to reduce Emission Controls

These are just examples, and we welcome your choice of topic on whatever issue you want to talk about. Our mission is to involve youth in a hard time to come due to climate change.

Eligibility Requirement

The requirements for eligible student entry are:-

  • Entrants should be enrolled in High School, Undergraduate/University students at the time of submission of an essay.
  • The applicant is not bound to have a minimum GPA of 3.5
  • Submit original 700 + words essay
  • Applicants preferably studies related to Metallurgy, Arts, environmental studies, Mining, Sustainable and Green Energy, Biology, Environmental research, sustainable land management, sustainable Agriculture.

Scholarship Application Process

Send an email to [email protected] with your completed entry attached in a Microsoft Word document or a plain text file. (Enter ‘Scholarship’ in subject line)

Include the following information about yourself:

    • Your Full Name
    • Your .edu mail Address
    • Your Mailing Address
    • Your Street Address (if different from mailing address)
    • Your telephone number
    • The Name of Your College or University and Their Mailing Address
    • Your Area of Study
    • Your Planned Graduation Date

Incomplete entries will be disqualified.

Entries will be judged by Helmet Adviser and the student who submits the most well-written entry will be declared the winner of a $500 scholarship.


  • Midnight 25th October for Spring semester
  • Midnight 20th June for Fall semester

Note: Winner will be declared Four weeks after above respective deadlines.