Why Are Dirt Bike Helmets Different ? Practical Reasons

Why are Dirt Bike Helmets Different

While searching for a premium helmet, you might have noticed the different shapes of helmets; as in street bike helmets, dirt bike helmets, etc. Have you ever wondered why are dirt bike helmets different?

If no, then let’s figure it out!

The place where you are riding your bike tells which type of helmet is the most suitable. So if you are on roads, then you need the street bike helmet, whereas, for dirt biking, the dirt bike helmet is the right option.

For the reason that sand is less risky than roads, the dirt bike helmets are light yet sturdy. They are designed to make the best out of dirt biking, and so they are put up in a different way.

Apart from that, these are high-end bike helmets. Their price range is quite expensive than that of motorcycle helmets, as they are loaded with impressive and useful features.

With that being said, let’s take a closer look at the fact why are dirt bike helmets shaped differently? Keep reading and you’ll find the reason why these helmets are shaped as they are!


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Why are Dirt Bike Helmets Different from Street Bike Helmets?

There are plenty of reasons that help you to figure out why dirt bike helmets are different from street bikes. We’ve listed some of the major reasons down below. Let’s have a look:

Why are Dirt Bike Helmets Different

  1. Dust Protection:

The first and foremost reason why dirt bike helmets are shaped differently is that they give protection from the dust around, while on the track. A lot of dust flies around when you are speeding your bike on the track.

So this needs a helmet with a structure that would protect the rider’s eyes from it, which a street bike helmet cannot do. Hence, it features a peak and a visor that offers dust and sun protection.

  1. Roost Protection:

The dirt from the wheels of the biker is commonly known as a roost. So this flying mud and other debris get quickly wiped off the dirt bike helmet screen. Moreover, the visor prevents roosts from entering your eyes.

Apart from that, the ergonomic design of the dirt bike protects your eyes from direct sunlight as well. So, this all adds up to give you a clear sight of the view.

  1. Lightweight Construction:

The major difference between the two types of the helmet is their weight. Dirt bike helmets are way too lighter than street bike helmets because they are not designed to prevent major head injuries.

The reason is that street biking is quite risky whereas dirt biking is more about the elements of its landscape. So the chances of any serious accidents are less for dirt bikers.

  1. Open-face design for Ventilation:

Dirt bike helmets have an open-face design that keeps the ventilation checked. The proper flow of air is required in these helmets because dirt biking is really hot and exhausting.

Therefore, these helmets are shaped in a way that maintains the airflow and helps you in controlling extra sweating.

  1. Use of Goggles:

Last but not the least, dirt bike helmets use goggles to protect the eyes from dust and other particles. They have a thick foam padding that creates a tight seal around the rider’s eyes. Thus, the ride becomes much safer.

So these were some of the major reasons that back the unique manufacturing of dirt bike helmets. Needless to say, that there are some utter differences between the most common type of bike helmet and the motocross or ATV helmet.

Dirt Bike Helmets vs. Street Bike Helmet – Why are Dirt Bike Helmets Shaped Differently?

To get that straight, both the type of helmets is safe in their own plan. They have different structures and features that only serve the purpose where it is necessary.

With that aside, the question here arises that whether or not a dirt bike helmet be used on roads and vice versa.

So to come back with that, I would say that you need to have a proper helmet for the place you’re riding in. For instance, if you use the street bike helmet for dirt riding, you’ll end up being exhausted and sweaty within a short while.

On top of that, the direct sunlight in your eyes will affect your vision. So you wouldn’t be able to have a stable view as well. In a similar context, the use of dirt bike helmets on roads will fetch you bad results.

The Downside of Dirt Bike Helmets

We have discussed a number of benefits of having a dirt bike helmet by your side. Now it is high time that we highlight some of the setbacks that most of the riders have found while using the dirt bike helmet.

On that note, let’s get down to that:

The foremost downside of these helmets is that the peak on top of them creates drag at high speeds. Resultantly, the rider’s head is pulled backward, making him exhausted by the end of the ride.

That being said, there is another issue with the peak. It makes riding difficult in the woods as its extended structure grabs branches and tall grass. However, some riders find it as an aversion to these things.

On the whole, these helmets are a good invention in the field, as dirt biking is becoming popular day after day. So to enhance your skills and win that bike race in the sand, you need to level up your biking gear!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a dirt bike helmet on the street?

Dirt bike helmets are not suitable for street riding because they are lightweight, and are designed to protect your head and face from dust. The street bikes are meant to be durable enough to prevent any major head injuries.

Why do dirt bike helmets have peaks?

The purpose of peaks or visors on a dirt bike helmet is to avoid direct sunlight. It gives a kind of shade and prevents the sunlight and other debris or flying mud from the rider’s eyes.

Is a dirt bike helmet supposed to be tight?

Yes, the dirt bike helmet needs to be fit around your face or a little extra tighter than normal. You have to make sure before riding that your helmet is all set and is not tilted back on your head.


To wrap up with the discussion, I would say that a dirt bike helmet is one of the essentials in the protective gear of biking. It serves a completely different purpose as compared to the motorcycle helmet. Therefore, the design and structure of these helmets are different from usual.

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