Why Are Shoei Helmets So Expensive ? Is It Worth It ?

All the big brands are big because they maintain some standards. The same is the case with the Shoei brand. It is a highly reliable and old name of the helmet market. If you have to ride several thousand miles after a certain time or you are forced to wear a helmet in your daily routine, then there is no better option than a Shoei helmet.

People are also often asking why are Shoei helmets so expensive. It is quite easy to answer this question. The Shoei helmet is a little bit expensive due to its high-rated features like quality, paint finishing, comfortable interiors, good ventilation, high-quality shield, and high-quality moving parts. It is completely worth the money as you can enjoy multiple features in a single helmet.

Why Are Shoei Helmets So Expensive

In this article, we are going to answer the above-mentioned question comprehensively. After going through this article, you will know very well why are Shoei helmets so expensive. Let’s get to the point and start our blog without wasting your precious time.

Background of Shoei’s helmet

The basis of the Shoei helmet is the Kamata polyester company which was founded by Eitaro Kamata in 1954. They shifted their business towards motorcycle helmets in 1959. Honda had officially accepted their helmet as a race helmet in 1965. Firstly, the shell of the helmet was constructed with the usage of fiberglass material. After that, they introduced carbon fibre and Kevlar-infused helmets. It was also the first company which had introduced a ventilation system in its helmet design. After that, this design was copied by all the full-face helmet producers.

High-End Features That Makes Shoei Helmet So Expensive

Safety standards

When it comes to safety, the Shoei brand wants to ensure maximum safety. It goes beyond any kind of just ratings like snell and dot ratings. They want the rider to be in a complete comfort zone and fully focus on the ride. By keeping comfort in view, they have introduced some elegant features like a podless face shield system which keep you safe from wind noise, wind resistance and neck fatigue. If you look at the Shoei helmets like GT-AIR II and Neotec II, then you can come to know about the features like a drop-down sun visor and modular design.

Construction of the shell

In this case, the Shoei brand has again given the rider’s comfort an utmost priority. The shells of the helmet are extremely sophisticated and provide you with optimum protection. There are multiple layers of fibres in their shell. If you look at the AIM shell, then it is composed of five layers like fibreglass inner layer, special fibres, 3D organic fibres, organic fibres and at the outer end the fibreglass layer. Between the 3D organic fibres and special fibres, there is the sixth layer of high performing organic fibre.

These proprietary fibres make the shell of the helmet stronger and lightweight. These are also elastic for impact absorption. Moreover, the philosophy of comfort has also not been ignored. The helmets are aerodynamically designed with a special focus on shape. It reduces fatigue on the rider and makes it turbulence-free. In this way, they have also minimized the noise of the air as much as possible.

EPS liner

EPS is an interior foam liner that is used to absorbs the external impact. There are cells in the liner which are crushed one by one in case of an accident until it reaches your head. Once crashed cells would not be able to handle the external impact again and it is necessary to buy a new helmet after the first accident. There are multiple EPS liners in the Shoei helmet. The top portion of the liner has a soft density for the first immediate impact. The outer portion has a medium-type density for absorbing higher speed impacts. Other than this, more density layers have been added in different models with extra protective capabilities.


The fitness of the helmet depends upon the internal shape of the helmet. Shoei helmets have an intermediate oval shape. There are just little-bit variations from one model to another. Usually, 80 per cent of the people are very well satisfied from its fitness and internal shape. I would say that the helmet is not perfect for people who has an overly round head or long oval head. You can also make some adjustments in these helmets like you can adjust the cheek pads and liners with various thicknesses.

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Arai vs Shoei: A comparison

When you talk about the best motorcycle helmet, then you cannot ignore these two best brands. These Japanese manufacturers are making top-tier helmets having excellent quality, reputation, warranties, and backing of professional racers. We are going to compare both of these helmets with each other and highlight their features one by one. People are often asking why Shoei helmets are so expensive or why are Arai helmets expensive. We are going to answer this question by comparing their qualities and down points one by one.


When it comes to quality, both helmets are excellent except few differences. Some parts of the Arai helmet occasionally break and are also a bit finicky. But Shoei helmets are highly refined helmets and you might never hear anything about their breakage. Thus, we can say you might face a few issues with the Arai helmet after the long-term usage but the Shoei helmets are highly refined and lifetime helmets.


Both are pricy helmets that’s why people usually say why are Shoei helmets so expensive. Quality is directly related to big investment and you cannot ignore this factor. Arai is also very expensive and I would say it is more costly than a Shoei helmet. The prices of the Shoei helmet are almost equal to any premium type helmet.

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Both brands are offering outstanding warranties of 5 or 7 years from the date of purchase or the date of manufacturing. The customer care service is also excellent. You can easily resolve any warranty related problems.


Arai helmets are better than Shoei helmets when it comes to fitness. Aria helmets can accommodate various head shapes and also offers different size pads as well as liners for making some more adjustments.


There is no comparison of the Shoei helmet with anyone when it comes to comfort. Shoei helmets are extraordinarily comfortable. These helmets have highly comfortable liners.

Face shield changing mechanism

The face shield of the Arai helmet is highly frustrated and it is extremely difficult to use it occasionally. Only professional people can handle it properly. on the other hand, the Shoei helmets were the first ones that had introduced ventilation system in the helmets and all the full-face helmets manufacturers have copied its design. They are perfect in the face shield mechanism.


Arai is highly conservative in its design with extraordinary emphasis on just integrity and shell safety and lack of other features like modular design and drop-down visor. On the other hand, the Shoei brand is highly modern in its design and highly innovative in its features.


When it comes to reliability then there is no helmet better than the Shoei helmet. Rarely, people claim the warranty of Shoei helmets as you don’t have to face any issues while using this helmet. I would just say the reliability of the Shoei helmet is exceptional.


After going through the extraordinary features of the Shoei helmet and its comparison with other high-rated helmets, we can easily answer the question of why are Shoei helmets so expensive. These helmets are perfect in every sense like warranty, reliability, quality, comfort, design, fitness, and price. you would never regret your decision if you buy the helmet of this brand.

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