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Welcome to helmetadviser.com, I am Eric Campbell By profession, I’m a safety consultant. Well, there is a tragic story behind making a website regarding helmets.

In my childhood, one of my friends named “Mike” got severely injured while riding a bicycle even though he was wearing a helmet. One of his eyes was permanently damaged. What went wrong, I’m still not sure but I always blamed the helmet he was wearing. That incident stuck in my mind and has influenced all my decisions in my life. But this doesn’t end here. Two years ago I thought it would be a great idea that I should make a website that would help others to find the best and most reliable helmet products so that incidents like mikes can be prevented.

To fulfil my goal, I went on a mission to create a professional team that can help me to identify the products that should be sold on the market. Now I’m on the right track and want to help as many people as I can.

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